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The Perfect Flowers for a Spring Wedding & Bridal Bouquet

By: :Pavel Bogdanov 0 comments
The Perfect Flowers for a Spring Wedding & Bridal Bouquet

Springtime is the most beautiful time of the year. With fresh blooming flowers and newborn baby animals out and about, it is easy to become enchanted by it all.

Spring flowers are some of the most beautiful flora you will see throughout the year. From bold pink and red Tulips to virginal white hyacinths, there are plenty of options to choose from when you are putting together your bridal bouquet for your special day!

Because there are so many options when it comes to choosing the perfect flowers, it can be a daunting task. Here at Bunches Direct, we understand that. That is specifically why we put together this easy to read guide to the best flowers you should use for your beautiful bridal bouquet!

Which Flowers Will Complete Your Springtime Bridal Bouquet?

Browse through our selection of beautiful springtime flower offerings, perfect for your bridal bouquet below. We pride ourselves on providing world-class recommendations and customer service to each happy client we serve, so you can rest easy knowing your wedding flowers will be everything you could hope for and more.


Tulips are a classic spring flower to include in your bridal bouquet. Since the seventeenth century, tulips have become widely naturalized and can be found growing globally.

This bulb flower is breathtaking, and with a wide range of colours to choose from, you can’t go wrong! At Bunches Direct, we pride ourselves on our selection of Tulips. No matter your personal taste we guarantee you that you’ll be able to find the perfect colour to add to your bridal bouquet to make it as gorgeous as you will be when you walk down the aisle.


Hyacinths were originally found in Israel and Turkey, but can now be found all across the globe. These flowers are bulbous and are classified as perennial flowers  

Hyacinths can be found in every colour under the rainbow. However, one of the most sought after colours for bridal bouquets are the elegant, understated white hyacinth flowers. 

We carry a beautifully curated collection of different hyacinths here at bunches direct. We guarantee we have a colour combination that will suit your bridal bouquet perfectly. Explore our hyacinth options today, you won’t want to miss out on having this gorgeous flower front and centre with you for your special day!


Anemones are beautiful, five-petaled flowers native to temperate and subtropical regions across all continents except for Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica. These are classified as being a member of the buttercup family. 

Here at Bunches Direct, we have a gorgeous selection of Anemone flowers perfect to include in your bridal bouquet. The white anemone we carry is stunning, with a deep black centre they are sure to make an impact when blended into your bridal bouquet! Contact us today for a quote, and to help us give you the perfect special day.


Cymbidiums are native to Asia and Australia, however, nowadays they are grown all over the world. Cymbidiums come in a wide variety of colours, from ivory white to bold oranges. 

Cymbidiums come in two varieties, miniature or large. The sizing of your cymbidium all depends on the temperature and specific conditions the flower was grown in. 

Bunches Direct offers a wide array of Cymbidiums, however, we recommend choosing miniature cymbidiums to complement your beautiful bridal bouquet. They pair nicely with many of the other springtime floral selections without overshadowing the bouquet, making them an excellent choice.

Bunches Direct - Your Fresh Springtime Floral Experts!

Our team of floral designers here at Bunches Direct and passionate about assembling the perfect combinations of flora to create art with our bridal bouquets, and our springtime floral selections are no exception! 

Feel free to choose from our tried and true bulk flower and bouquet options we offer online or contact us to collaboratively create a custom bridal bouquet so you can stand out on your special day.

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