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Here are some step by step instructions on how to process your bulk flowers the day they arrive


  1. Open up the box and gently remove all the protective wrapping from your flowers.

  2. Count your flowers to verify that your quantities are all there.

  3. Clear a counter space or table where you will be comfortable working. 

  4. Lay out your floral tools, gather your floral materials. 

  5. Gently remove any unsightly leaves or petals from your flowers

  6. Fill a container with 3-5 inches of lukewarm water. If you are receiving hydrangeas, we recommend you hydrate them separately in warm-hot water.

  7. Using a stem cutting tool, remove 1-2 inches from the bottom of stems at a 45 degree angle and place them in the water. 

  8. Spread out the flowers as you place them in the water. The flowers will need space to open up as they hydrate. Avoid overcrowding the flowers, and fill another water receptacle if needed.

  9. Allow the flowers to rehydrate for a minimum of 2-3 hours before use. Your flowers need time to strengthen before you use them.

  10. If your flowers are having trouble hydrating, repeat steps 6-9 with warmer water to see if they respond. Sometimes, fully submerging the stem of the flower in warm-hot water will perk it up. (especially true in the case of hydrangeas!)

  11. Store your flowers in a cool dark room to keep them from opening any further.

  12. If your event is approaching quickly, and you want your flowers to open faster, place your flowers in a warm sunlit room, and repeat steps 6-9 to promote blooming.

For more help, call: 1 (866) 690-8425