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The Most Popular Summer Wedding Flowers

By: :Pavel Bogdanov 0 comments
The Most Popular Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer is an extremely popular season for thousands of happy couples across the United States to declare their love for each other and have beautiful wedding ceremonies. 

Weddings can be so beautiful, especially if you have selected the proper flowers to compliment your special day! 

Flowers that are in season for summer weddings are vibrant and are sure to make a statement to your lucky guests. But which flowers will best compliment your special day? We are so glad you asked!

The Perfect Flowers For Your Perfect Day

We understand that when it comes to selecting the proper flowers and colour schemes for your special day, it can be a daunting task! 

That is why we have assembled this simple guide ofour top choices for summer wedding flora. Whether it be you need to purchase flowers in bulk, or you want a custom made bridal bouquet to make a statement while you walk down the aisle, we have you covered!


Roses have been cultivated for well over 4500 years, with them originating in Asia. Roses are globally known as a symbol of love and admiration for your significant other and make for the perfect statement flower for any bridal bouquet or floral table arrangement. 

Here at Bunches Direct, we carry over 60 rose selections, from bulk rose purchases to rose-infused bouquets. Feel free to look through our selection of roses to find one that fits your personal taste, and will compliment your special day well!


Hydrangeas were originally cultivated in Japan, however, a 65 million year old fossil of a hydrangea was discovered right here in North America.

a vibrant purple hydrangea

Hydrangeas were brought to Europe in 1736, they quickly became a popular flower to cultivate. Hydrangeas are a symbol of delicacy due to the small bunches of petals on each stem. 

We carry beautiful varieties of hydrangeas here at Bunches Direct, boasting beautiful blues and whites seen in more traditional bouquets. We also carry deep purple hydrangeas and vibrant green hydrangeas. We have something for everybody’s taste, explore our selection of hydrangeas to choose the perfect option for your big day. 


Peonies date back to 1000BC and we’re seen growing in the gardens in China. By the 8th century peonies could be found growing in Japan, and now Japan is a major producer of peonies.

Peonies are a symbol of love, happiness, romance and beauty. This makes them the perfect summer flower to include in your floral arrangements for your wedding or in your bridal and bridesmaids' bouquets. 

Bunches Direct sells only the highest quality peonies. We offer beautiful creamy white priories perfect for a classic bridal bouquet, and vibrant pink and red peonies excellent for floral table arrangements. Shop our selection now!


Dahlias were first introduced to Great Britain in 1798 from Spain, since then, countless varieties of dahlias have been grown out of Great Britain based on the original species of dahlia.

Dahlias are symbolic of wealth and elegance, as well as love and involvement. This makes for a beautiful flower for a centrepiece at an outdoor wedding. 

Bunches Direct only sells premium dahlias that we guarantee will make for a beautiful atmosphere on your wedding day. Shop our selection of dahlias now!

Bunches Direct - Your Weddings Floral Experts!

Bunches Direct is committed to providing you with world-class bulk flowers and flower arrangements for your special day. 

Whether it be an indoor or outdoor ceremony, we have just the thing to make a beautiful impact on your guests, and really help tie together the special day nicely. 

Contact us today to get started, you won’t regret it!




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