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Silk Wedding Flowers

Silk Wedding Flowers


BunchesDirect offers Silk Wedding Flowers at affordable prices. Silk flowers are a great option for brides travelling for their wedding and allow you to cherish your wedding bouquet for many years to come.  BunchesDirect offers a wide selection of silk wedding bouquets, silk boutonnieres, silk corsages and silk rose petals.


How long does it take for me to recieve my silk wedding flowers?

You could recieve your silk wedding flowers between 4 to 14 days from ordering.  Please order your silk flowers at least 14 days before the desired delivery date.

What if my flowers arrive wrinkled or flattened?

Because of the way silk flowers are packed from the manufacturer, and because of the shipping process, sometimes flowers may arrive wrinkled or flattened. Not to worry...this is an easy fix!

First remove the flowers from the box and store them in an upright container. This will help them to regain their original shape.

If storing them upright doesn't help, you can try using a little heat or steam. You can use a hair dryer or steamer to help release the wrinkles. Make sure the hair dryer isn't on the high heat setting.

What do I do if my flowers get dirty?

Simply use baby wipes to wipe down and freshen the flowers.

Be sure to do a test cleaning spot first! You want to make sure that the water or baby wipe will not cause the dye from the flowers to run. Darker colors such as reds and purples have a tendency to bleed if soaked.

What do I do if the flower head pops off?

Some flower heads, especially the larger ones, may become separated from the stem. This is normal in the silk flower world, and you can use hot glue to reattach them.

 Don\'t see the arrangements you are looking for? Please email samples of your dream arrangements to our dedicated floral designers.
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