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French Country Style

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First of all, it is worth mentioning some of the distinctive features of the French country bouquets. To begin with, this style implies simplicity and naturalness. The bouquets and flower arrangements contain minimum of unusual and artificial decorations - instead simple ribbons and packaging made of natural fabrics are used. As for the flowers themselves the French country bouquets are mainly composed of wild blooms and those plants that grow in our country. Exotic flowers, iridescent and wax roses are here replaced by charming chamomiles, touching lilies of the valley, pretty lilacs and other plants known since childhood.

French country bulk flowers.

If you’re looking for French country flowers - BunchesDirect is the right place! Here you can place your order for French country bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and alternative decorations and solutions for your wedding and any other celebration!

We offer and guarantee you:

  • A broad selection of French country bouquets and arrangements.
  • A variety of French country flowers and solutions for your wedding provided by our professional florists.
  • Bulk French country flowers and bouquets made right before delivery and composed of only fresh and high quality items.
  • Timely delivery.

We have changed our website so that you could easily find French country bouquets or other French country arrangements for your celebration. The flowers you need can be found in catalog not only by their and holiday name, but by season, their color or style! You can buy French country flowers online just by placing an order at our website or by reaching the sales line.

French country flowers delivery features and fees:

  • $40.00* if your order total is $0.00 - $199.99
  • $20.00* if your order total is $199.99 - $299.99
  • A 20% surcharge will apply on orders place with less than three (3 days) notice.

*Excluding tax

  • You may get necessary information about our French country blooms and their delivery to in our live chat or by calling the sales line: 1-888-690-8425 (Mon. - Fri., 8 am – 5 pm EDT).
  • FREE SHIPPING if your order total is $299 or more and if it's placed at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Delivery time is between 9 am to 6 pm (Tue. - Fri.)

Order French country bouquet online now and we’ll make your holiday unforgettable.

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