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Bi-Color (Pink/Cream) Rose Petals
Bi-Color (Pink/Cream) Rose Petals


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Brenda's Beautiful Wedding

Friday, 21 February 2014 11:03

We received these lovely pictures from a happy BunchesDirect bride, Brenda, of her wedding in October, 2013. Thanks for sending us these photos, Brenda. Look at these beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres!

Bridal Party:









What to Expect from BunchesDirect

Tuesday, 12 November 2013 14:02

We often get questions about how exactly buying wedding flowers online works, and what people can expect when their flowers arrive. Thanks to one very happy BunchesDirect customer (who ended up scoring us a 4.9 out of 5 stars on WeddingWire -- thanks!), we've got some photos to share of the whole process.

Here's her flowers as they arrived:

A peak inside the boxes:

Out of the box:


Beautiful Baby's Breath


Scroll down to see more testimonials of how beautiful BunchesDirect's flowers are for weddings, with testimonials and reviews from previous real BunchesDirect clients.



Isabelle G.'s 'Perfect' Wedding Day with flowers from BunchesDirect

Thursday, 29 August 2013 15:17

Isabelle G. was a slightly apprehensive about ordering her wedding flowers online.
But after doing a bit of price comparison between local florists and online sites, her worry turned to excitement.
“I was comparing some different sites,” Isabelle said of the local florists she’d looked in to. “Oh my goodness, it was so expensive.”
Isabelle didn’t know exactly what she was after in terms of flower arrangements for her big day, aside from the fact that she knew she wanted to use some hydrangea, a hot trend for brides these days. After looking around the web at sites such as Pinterest to narrow down her ideas, she soon found BunchesDirect, a large online bulk flower retailer with distribution in Miami, Fla., and several Canadian distribution centres.

“When I saw the website I was very impressed,” Isabelle said. “I was a little nervous ordering from a website for my wedding, but in the end I was just super happy with the flowers.”
Any fears that Isabelle might have had faded quickly. She placed her order online and followed up with a quick email to confirm that her order would be alright to arrive on the day specified, a few days prior to her wedding.
“The person I spoke to was very nice, she told me I’d be fine with the flowers and helped me logistically to make all the arrangements.”
Isabelle’s story has a do-it-yourself element to it as well. She went online to watch some videos made by BunchesDirect spokesman, floral consultant and unofficial mascot, “Bunches Bob.”
“I’d never made anything with flowers, but I watched the videos and said, ‘I’m sure I’m able to do that,’” Isabelle recalled.
With the help of a friend who worked at a florist’s shop for some time, she assembled some custom bouquets and centerpieces. Not only was it a painless process, but it left her with the satisfaction of admiring what she and her friend had created – and she got some great compliments on the flower arrangements from her guests.
“I was proud of myself,” she said. “The guests were all impressed, and the lady that worked in the florist shop, she was amazed by the blue hydrangea.”
With her wedding day experience going off without a hitch, Isabelle is eager to recommend BunchesDirect to any brides-to-be that are on the fence about ordering their wedding flowers online.

“ I would say, don’t be afraid to order with them, all the people [at BunchesDirect] are very, very nice and helpful,” she said. “I was so emotional and happy… It was just perfect.”
























Beth Ann’s Wedding: DIY Bouquets with Flowers from BunchesDirect

Monday, 29 July 2013 11:26

When Beth Ann Behrend began to plan for her wedding, which took place in July, she was faced with an all-too-common dilemma: she wanted to keep expenses down but didn’t want to compromise on the flowers she wanted.
Her thought process was also informed by her past.
“I had artificial flowers before, and I knew I didn't want to do that again,” she said.
So after poking around online on sites like Pinterest for ideas, Beth Ann decided to go with BunchesDirect for her wedding flowers – and in the interest of saving some dollars, she also decided that she would wrap the bouquets herself. 
“I wanted to keep it simple, not spend a ton of money, and I thought it would be memorable,” Beth Ann said.
Beth Ann says she’s done a few projects here and there in the past but is no craft expert. Thankfully, the process of receiving and assembling her bouquets from BunchesDirect was painless.
“I knew what I wanted to use, so it wasn’t too hard,” she said. “I had a few friends come over, we had a fun little get together.”
As many might be, Beth Ann was slightly apprehensive going into the process, but her concerns were quickly mitigated.  She opened the box, and was pleased with what she saw.
“I couldn't believe that everything I ordered was in that box,” she said. The roses and hydrangea she’d ordered were well-wrapped and in great condition.
“Once they were opened, we followed the handling instructions and they just kind of poofed right out.”
When Beth’s wedding day rolled around, the weather was gorgeous. Her bouquet was made up of roses surrounded by Hydrangea, and her daughter, who served as her Maid of Honor, had Hydrangea surrounded by roses. She also bought a pre-made boutonniere and corsage for the festivities.
The floral arrangements were a perfect part of Beth’s perfect day, where even Mother Nature cooperated with the proceedings.
“It was warm that day,” Beth said. “The warmth and the humidity brought the fragrance of the roses right out.”
The flowers looked great, smelled great, and also had that one other benefit, which really impressed Beth Ann’s guests.
“I had different people try and guess the price of the flowers and the bouquets,” she said with a laugh. “And everyone guessed about double what it cost me.”








Jennifer's Wedding

Wednesday, 23 November 2011 15:34

Jennifer's Special Day

Rhonda's wedding - the happy couple

Rhonda's wedding

Rhonda's wedding - centerpieces

Rhonda's wedding - the bridal bouquet

Jennifer's Wedding

Flower Type: Hydrangea
Colour: Blue

Date: Easter Weekend 2011

Details: Jennifer referred to her style as “plain and simple yet beautiful”

Why did you chose BunchesDirect?

“I knew, for Spring I needed Hydrangeas...and I wanted simple everything (to reflect my theme) after many calls to local florists the average price for blue Hydrangeas was $12.00 per stem...outrageous!”

“I got blue Hydrangeas for $3.49 a stem at BunchesDirect. I was also able to order wrist corsages and boutonnieres for my wedding party.”


“I had a wonderful experience with my Customer Service Representative. I was able to call and check in with him at any time and he was able to answer every question I had.”


“I was able to track my order easily, which was very convenient as I was traveling to the venue on the day the flowers were coming.”

After the wedding

“I had the flowers arrive on Thursday for a Saturday ceremony and they kept beautifully. I also made the arrangements and transferred them to the venue and had no problems.”


“I would highly recommend BunchesDirect for any wedding, plain and simple or grand! The flowers are such a great quality and the customer service is excellent, I had such a wonderful, wonderful experience.”

- Jennifer


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