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Oriental Lilies
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Oriental Lilies

Oriental Lilies are known for their large jubilant bloom. They blossom into a beautiful star shape, its smooth petals falling outwards, create an elegant curve. The sweet fragrance and exotic looks of the Oriental Lily can illuminate your wedding flowers, a single bloom can be used creatively as your centerpiece. Fresh oriental Lilies of premium quality can be shipped to you at wholesale rates.

- 10 stems per bunch (sold by the bunch)
-  Average stem length is 18 to 28 inches
-  Average bloom size of 6 to 8 inches in diameter when fully bloomed

- Lilies are available year round
- We recommend arranging delivery for 3-4 days before your event
- Colors will vary at mother natures discretion
- If you have any specific requests please make them upon ordering


Allergy Alert: Lilies hold a lot of pollen, even when removed allergies can be affected


* Call our sales team for a custom order if you cannot find the color you're looking for!




SKU: 5OR-10P
Regular Price: $2.49
Sale Price: $2.49
You Save: $0.00
- We recommend choosing a delivery date 2-3 days before your event
- All orders should be made two weeks in advance to avoid 20% surcharge
- Shades of color may vary at Mother Nature's discretion
- If you have any specific requests please make them upon ordering

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