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Bi-Color (Pink/Cream) Rose Petals
Bi-Color (Pink/Cream) Rose Petals


White Hydrangea
White Hydrangea


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Roses – The Most Popular Wedding Flowers

The rose has been a beloved flower in many cultures throughout history. Archaeologists have discovered fossilized remains of roses in Florissant, Colorado, dating back 30 million years. The Ancient Romans used these gorgeous flowers as symbols for intrigue, celebration, and medicine. The British royal family has used roses as a heraldic symbol. And now North Americans have adopted the rose as an official floral emblem.

Roses are – plain and simple – the quintessential wedding flower, but why is that?

Since roses are synonymous with romance it seems only normal that they would be the most popular wedding flower. They are more elegant than daisies, less roses with candle centrepiecepretentious than tulips, and more affordable than orchids.

  • They are symbolic. The rose, myrtle, and apple were all sacred to Venus, the goddess of love. Even though roses were sacred to the goddess of love, they were turned into poetry by the Victorians. The Victorians were inspired by the French book Le Language des Fleurs by Charlotte de la Tour, and adopted the flowers code to convey their sentiments. Soon every young Victorian woman took pleasure in in knowing that receiving a rose – a symbol for true love – was of the highest meaning.
  • Despite their worldwide cultivation, roses are still considered a luxury. No matter how often you receive roses, or use them in an arrangement, they always have the utmost importance due to their symbolic nature.
  • There are over eleven thousand varieties and forms of roses in existence. With such a large selection there is a rose for any wedding theme, no matter how exotic. Plus, due to such a variety, styles range from small blooms with sturdy leaves to larger flowers with soft, delicate petals. But the real beauty? Roses are widely available and can be reasonably priced.
  • Roses are varied. As a result, there are three main types of roses that are likely the best candidates for weddings:
    • Hybrid Tea Roses: The hybrid tea rose is valued for its classic uniform shape, its durability (it can last a whole day without wilting) and its availability.
    • Spray Roses: These are smaller roses that include five to ten small heads per stem and help fill out a bouquet more than a single stem, which makes them a great value. Spray roses are available in single hues or bicolour, like the hybrid tea rose too. Because of their variance in size, they are ideal for giving texture and visual interest to an arrangement.
    • Garden Roses: These roses are larger and lusher than the other varieties. They are often very open, and they are more natural and free form than other varieties. Because of their fragility they are rarer, precious, and costly – but they definitely add an element of elegance to your wedding.
  • When picked and processed, roses are one of the most long-lasting flowers.
  • Many rose varieties produce a sweet fragrance – and more than 85 percent of North Americans identify it as their favourite smell.
  • Roses are versatile; they are able to transform your wedding from minimal to mod all in a single arrangement. Here are some fantastic ways to use roses on your wedding day:
    • For a classic, clean look pair white roses with a classic flower like a gardenia or hydrangea. White-on-white creates a stunning sight for you and your guests to enjoy.
    • Or you can take a classic white arrangement and throw in something a bit unexpected, like a shocking black or brown floral element (i.e.,  an olive or fern shoot) to create a dynamic contrast.roses in square vase
    • If you want to create something a bit more romantic try making a visual statement with roses by adding fur-trimmed or beaded wraps to your bouquet. Or try jewel-toned, tear-shaped beads dangling from candelabras instead.
    • Think feminine and modern by incorporating sweet elements like satin ribbons looped into an arrangement of big, open, garden roses.
    • Do you want something romantic, yet eccentric? Suspend a wreath of garden roses from the ceiling over each table. That will be a wonderful décor element for your guests to admire.
    • If you are looking for something a bit more modern try monochromatic arrangements in any colour you wish. Take the single-colour cluster of flowers and arrange them in a glass cube or vase with a strong geometric shape.
    • Or juxtapose roses with bright flowers, like spiky dahlias in yellow and orange. Place them in a cool coloured vase, like blue, for a stunning contrast.
  • Roses are simply perfection. It doesn’t matter where you are getting married; an outdoor garden, or a ballroom, roses make your wedding ring romance.
  • After your wedding, you can dry your wedding bouquet to keep as a reminder of your special day (stay tuned for an upcoming blog about how you can dry your wedding bouquet yourself – it is a great way to keep a part of your wedding day).