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Wedding Decor – Suggestions and Ideas

Want to know a little secret? Wedding aren’t just about getting married – they are also about showing off your fabulous style! Not quite sure how to translate your style into your reception though? Flowers are certainly the easiest and most dramatic way to perk up a room quickly. It is the big ticket embellishments tied together, often with inexpensive details that really put the sizzle into your space. These 17 suggestions will help you spruce up your style and give you the reception you always dreamed of.

Match the Mood:
The site of your wedding is going to have the biggest influence on your design decisions whether you are a beach bride or an urban sophisticate. If you haven’t decided on a decorating scheme, look to elements of the room for clues. For instance, a historic mansion is perfect for an all-white celebration, whereas a wood-walled ballroom can call for 1920s elegance.chirtmas-wedding

Create a Common Cord:
Many brides shudder at the word “theme, but it is becoming to be known as a “subtle touch of style”- a repeated design element that makes a lasting and personal impression on the space. A theme can be as loose as your colour palette or much more rigid, like a Wild, Wild West theme. Implementing a theme, or at the very least, a colour scheme, is a great focal point to start your planning around.

Make Everyone Look Perfect:
Lighting is the best way to brighten any room – and it can give your reception a terrific, dramatic glow. If you hire a lighting designer to focus guests’ attention where you want it (on the cake table, not on the ugly floor) then you are guaranteed to have a positively radiant reception. When you hire a lighting designer they are also able to use coloured gels to alter the intensity of the light stream, which creates a softer, more natural look – make your friends, family, and yourself look like celebrities under this softer glow.

Look Up:
Did you find the reception hall of your dreams? But is there one tiny problem: an unsightly ceiling? The simple (and beautiful) solution is to cover it up! Try draping hundreds of tiny white lights, swags of greenery, or coordinating fabric – add a simple touch of elegance to your party.  Is money not an issue? Then look into renting chandeliers – they will distract from the ceiling and give your room an added radiance.

Look Down:
Don’t let the brown shag carpet dissuade you from booking your dream space; you can hide the floor with ground-sweeping linens. Or you can cover it with a nice rental carpet, or a rented parquet wooden floor.

Furnish a Spare Space:
An all-white, empty loft space may seem like the perfect blank canvas to work with, but remember, you are starting from scratch. Translation: it is going to be expensive to furnish – although it is doable. Go with something borrowed to furnish the space – it will save you hundreds. Look to movie prop companies for cool finds like mirrors, chaise lounges, and filled bookcases. Plus you never know what friends and relatives have lurking in their basement – it might just be the perfect thing for your reception.reception

Toil with Texture:
Interesting materials and nature-driven accents can help turn a boring ballroom into a designer showcase. How? By adding texture! Try faux fur, grapevines, and branches; huge kissing balls, tall trees bejeweled with lights, and bamboo shoots are also able to help satisfy the senses and add some interesting décor to your reception.

Call for the Wild:
Outdoor weddings are becoming a popular choice among many brides – this is probably due to the fact that Mother Nature has taken care of a large portion of the decorating. If you are having an outdoor wedding or reception take note of the surroundings, like wildflowers, and choose your wedding blooms accordingly. Keep the carefree outdoor vibe in mind when you are styling your flowers – tightly packed modern centerpieces might be too formal for this more casual celebration.

Think Outside the Space:
Try something different, something unique: clothesline escort-card holders, mason jars filled with candles (collect them from garage sales to save money), hanging flower baskets, and 4-foot high twig chandeliers. Does a 4-foot high twig chandelier intrigue you? To make it, bundle about 10 large sticks together, per chandelier, bind them together with wire, then string tiny twinkling lights all around them. This will turn a traditional space into an enchanted forest instead.

Make a Good First Impression:
Want to impress your guests? Create a grand entrance for them. Floral wreathes on doors, colourful candles (votives create a spectacular atmosphere) atop every table, hurricane lanterns hanging from trees, luminaries lining the walkways, and other beautifully stunning embellishments will give guests a lovely welcome to your event.

Monitor the Hall:
A real detail-oriented bride will make over the hallways too, not just the reception room itself. Potted plants, trees, floral gardens, and trellises help to create a big impact on the rented space.

Pink wedding tables in outdoor restaurantBeautify the Bar:
Chances are the bar will be a hot spot at your wedding. Impress your guests with colourful rented barware, tropical parasols, and a frozen drink machine. Making over the bar is a great way to incorporate the theme of your wedding into all areas of the reception.

Size Up Your Tables:
Peace-loving brides are turning to long banquet style tables that evoke a more family-style feeling and lessen seating arrangement stress (a bit, hopefully). You can even go for a mix of square and round tables in various sizes for an eclectic look to your reception. These eclectic table arrangements allow you to seat groups of people much more easily because you are not stuck with 10 to a table, like most traditional tables allow.

Take Care of Chairs:
Chair covers are not a new invention. Using funky fabrics to modify your chairs is a great way to bedazzle a room. You can even dress up a chair with silk flowers, tulle, or leafy swags – just make sure the chairs are still comfortable to sit on though.

Liven Up the Loo:
Give bathroom-bound guests something to talk about, however, don’t go overboard. Simply evoke subtle sophistication; this is enough to brighten up the room. Flower arrangements (like sweet smelling lavender in small vases or wild flower bundled in a basket), heart-shaped soaps, or monogrammed hand towels will go a long way.

Don’t Get Lost:
If your ceremony and reception are being held in the same location, make sure there is natural flow between the spaces. Perhaps you can design, and create, cute signs that direct guests to where they need to be, or to point out the restrooms. Little things can go a long way.

Mind Your Manners:
Much more than crumb-catchers, napkins are an easy way to add an extra little something to your reception tables. Either by using napkin rings or embracing the art of napkin folding; these are two easy ways to enhance your reception tables. Spring wedding? Try using the tulip fold. The more difficult pocket fold is great for any season.


Ideas from: The Knot