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White Hydrangea
White Hydrangea


Classic Blue Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet
Classic Blue Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet


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Fragrant Flowers – Top Ten

Do you want to add a hint of freshness to the air at your wedding ceremony or reception? Then these are the flowers for you!

1. Gardenia: Gardenias are beautiful, sweetly scented flowers that are pefect for corsages or make a beautiful impression when floating in a bowl or dish. These flowers represent purity and sweet love.

2. Freesia: Freesia gives off a sweet, citrus scent. These flowers symbolize innocence and friendship.

3. Jasmine: Sweet smelling jasmine has come to represent folly, glee, and cheerfulness.

4. Lavender: The scent of lavender is able to envelope a room. The tiny, powerful beauty represents admiration, solitude, and devotion.lilac

5. Lilac: These strong scented flowers represent first emotions of love, and youthfulness – depending on the colour.

6. Casablanca Lily: ”I’m in heaven with you” say these stunning lilies.

7. Narcissus: These blooms represent formality and encourage you to stay as sweet as you are.

8. Orange Bossom: These flowers bring wisdom, as well as a beautiful sweet scent.

9. Rose: These sweetly scented flowers have many different meanings depending on their colour. See here for colour explanation.

10. Tuberose: This fragnant flower has been described as having a complex, exotic, sweet, floral scent.