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Bi-Coloured Roses (Cream and Pink)
Bi-Coloured Roses (Cream and Pink)


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Classic Cream Rose Wedding Bouquet


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Fall Wedding Flowers – Top Ten

September is the most popular month to get married – September, the month when the leaves begin to change colours, and you need a sweater in the evenings. Autumn weddings tend to be influenced by the rich, bold colours of the changing leaves; Mother Nature seems to have a dominant role in these weddings. The wedding season of autumn is best known for its rich colours and striking contrasts that are complementary to what the season generally looks like. The same goes for autumn wedding flowers; golden yellow, orange and deep red are some of the major choices. Flowers that are bold and dynamic make great choices for your fall wedding.

Tying the knot this fall? Want to know what your choices are for the best wedding flowers? Here are the top ten flowers for autumn weddings:

The bird of paradise is an exotic flower that gives you one last glimmer at summertime. These exotic flowers have a green beak, orange and blue crest, and green leaves with a hint of silver. Birds of paradise are perfect for destination weddings, topical themed weddings or for decorating reception tables (they will give your reception a splash of colour). We recommend using these flowers in early autumn if you plan on focusing on a fall themed wedding since they are more tropical and do not play into Mother Nature’s natural colours as well as some other flowers may.

Bouvardias are loose clusters of starlet flowers that are tubular in shape and have a faint sweet scent. These beautiful flowers are most Bouvardia popularly used in buttonholes, but they can also be used in low sitting centerpieces. Bouvardias can be found in white, yellow, pink, and red, making them ideal colours for a fall themed wedding.

Chrysanthemums are one of the most popular autumn flowers, although they are available year round, they grow during the fall season. These beautiful flowers come in a variety of sizes and colours, which makes them ideal for any type of wedding, and they can be used as fillers for floral arrangements or bridal bouquets. Don’t pass up the chance to add these stunning flowers to your wedding celebration.

Darling dahlias come in vibrant shades of yellow and red – ideal autumn wedding colours. With their multiple petals they can be a wonderful addition to your wedding as a centerpiece or floral arrangement.

Delphiniums, a member of the buttercup family, are most popularly known to be blue, but you are also able to find this flower in gorgeous shades of pink and lilac. Delphiniums are perfect to use during a wedding reception to add height to table arrangement; they create a dramatic touch to your entire celebration.

Gerberas, like delphiniums, will create a dramatic and contemporary look for bouquets. They are available in over a hundred shades and colours, which makes them the most popular choice for autumn wedding since they can easily match any theme. It will not be difficult to decorate your wedding with this wonderful bloom.

Another popular fall flower is hydrangeas. Hydrangeas have full blooms that come in gorgeous pastel shades such as soft white, pink, lilac, and light blue – soft white being the most popular for fall; pink, lilac, and light blue are more popular in the spring. Hydrangeas are great for creating table centerpieces, pedestal floral arrangements, as well as being used in the bridal bouquet.

If you want to add something exotic to your wedding then your best choice is to use outstanding orchids. These beautiful flowers are a staple at many weddings, where couples want to add an exquisite touch. Orchids come in either white or bright pink; they are stunning for modern table centerpieces, and bouquets.

Don’t let its name fool you, pinks come in other colours too – available in shades of pink to red. You can use these flowers to make beautiful round flower arrangements for the alter or for the bridal bouquet.

The top ten autumn wedding flowers would not be complete without roses. Although it is not often associated with fall, you can use roses that are deep burgundy or yellow to add grace and beauty to your fall wedding, plus the strong message of romance and love.

When you are picking flowers for your wedding you should take plenty of time since flowers are some of the most important aspects of wedding decorations. Hopefully these ten flowers can provide some insight into what flowers are popular for autumn weddings.