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Cutting Wedding Costs – 30 Simple Ways to Save Big on Your Wedding

Tough times call for practicality; cut the costs on these items and save big on your wedding day. We figured since we sell wholesale flowers, which can save you hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of dollars that we should show you where else you can pinch your pennies when it comes to budgeting your wedding. Your wedding is meant to be a special and memorable day, but taking some of these suggestions you won’t lose any of the sparkle that you desire.

Peach bouquet

1. Cut the guest list. By cutting your guest list you can slash your catering costs drastically, as well as save on invitations and even the number of centerpieces since you won’t need as many tables.

2. If you have your wedding in the off-season (generally the winter) then you have the potential to save thousands of dollars. Rental facilities usually charge more in the on-season since people are competing for venue space.

3. Hold your reception and ceremony in the same location. This will cut travel time for any vendors you may have who are to be paid by the hour.

4. Host your wedding on a day besides Saturday. Saturday’s are usually the most expensive day to rent a wedding facility.

5. Have bigger tables so you need few tablecloths and centerpieces – plus your guests will get to socialize with more people this way at dinner.

6. Think ahead! Shop in the off season for extra décor you may need. You can get black vases on sale after Halloween and pink ones after Valentine’s Day.

7. Shop wholesale (obviously)!

8. Swap out costly flowers. Did you know that peonies can be five times more expensive than roses?

9. Stick to just one or two kind of flowers.

10. Use more greenery – it can add an element of class to your arrangements.

11. Include non-floral items too, like candles.

Food and Drink
12. Serve entrée duets.

13. Skip the main course – serve appetizers and drinks instead. Try something different; people like finger foods! Plus it gives people a great way to mix and mingle while munching on their tasty treats.

14. Offer beer, wine, and a signature cocktail instead of an entire free bar.

15. Serve comfort foods like barbecue chicken, macaroni and cheese, and corn. It’s something different to make your wedding unique, but it’s also fun and cheaper.

16. Skip the champagne toast.

17. Instead of ordering a big expensive cake, order a one-or-two tiered one. Simply supplement the cake with a large sheet cake that can be kept hidden in the kitchen and served to guests.

18. Keep the add-ons simple.Lavender Bouquet 1

19. Use fresh flowers on your cake, not sugar ones.

20. Reuse the ceremony flowers for the cake table.

21. Skip exotic fillings in your cake like guava and mango.

Stationary and Favours
22. Get single-page invites to save on postage.

23. Instead of giving a favour out to each individual guest, give them out to couples instead.

24. Or, even make your cake the favour.

25. Have your favours double as escort cards.

26. Email your save-the-date card instead of mailing it (this helps the environment too!).

27. Make your own menu cards, escort cards, and wedding favour packaging.

Photo, Video and Music
28. If there is a photographer you love, but you cannot afford see if they have an associate shooter who will photograph your wedding for less.

29. Opt for a smaller band.

30. Hire a band or DJ who can play both the ceremony and the reception.

Sure, there are probably things you don’t want to skip when it comes to your wedding day – but hopefully some of these suggestions can sprout ideas in your brain for how you might want to modify your big day and, in turn, satisfy your budget.

Source: The Knot