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Submerged Flower Centerpieces – How To

How to create your own Submerged Centerpieces?
Creating your own centerpieces is a great way to save money when organizing an event. The following will explain how to make your own submerged centerpieces. It’s easy to do, and makes a beautiful piece for decorating the tables of your wedding reception, charity event, or dinner party.

To make a submerged centerpiece you will need a clear glass vase, water, and flowers. You can include floating candles, rocks, sand, seashells, fruit, or whatever other creative idea you may have. A key component to keeping the flowers submerged is a method of weighing down the flowers so they don’t float.

*Tips for sinking your flowers:

  • Use moulding clay, (form the stems of your flowers to the base of your vase)
  • Silicon, (glue your pieces in place)
  • Clear fishing line, attached to weight ( be careful here, because the water magnifies the contents of the vase)

Step 1: Design the base of your vase. Place stones, or seashells etc. in your vase.

  • If you are using moulding clay, fill the cracks between your rocks

Step 2: Start placing the flowers into your vase.

  • If you are using moulding clay, form clay to the base of the stem and then place into the stones or shells
  • If you are using aquarium glue, place a drop or two onto your flower and place it into position holding it in place until the glue dries   enough to hold. Know your arrangement before applying glue, because once it dries it will be difficult to change.
  • If you are using fishing line, attach the flower to the “weight”, (using a sewing needle through the flower) and make your arrangement.

*Tip* If you are using faux florals certain materials will release dye when water is added

Step 3: Slowly fill your vase with water.

*Tip* Tap water can cause bubbles to form around the contents of your vase. Distilled water/Filtered water produces less bubbles.


Step 4 (Optional): Add floating candles!