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Fall Themed Weddings – September, October and November Weddings

Weddings, no matter how stressful they are to plan, are always fun to plan at the same time – if it is a spring, summer, autumn, or winter wedding; there is always something magical about each and every one of them. Whatever season you choose to have your wedding, it will be beautiful in its own way, as each season is Red Roses with Leavesdifferent from the next and has something new to offer.

Have you decided to have your wedding in the fall? You are not alone. Many couples choose a fall themed wedding because of the cool, crisp air; magnificent colours; and outstanding autumn atmosphere. Fall weddings can be casual or elegant depending on your personal preference – both offer a variety of unique ideas. Fall weddings also have the potential to invoke a fantasy-like or storybook setting due to their beautifully breathtaking background.

The focus of your fall wedding should be on the colours, the décor, and the flowers – these three elements set the stage for your entire wedding. Some fall wedding ideas for the décor and colouring are to use warm, wood colours to keep with the fall theme. Draw on dark browns, red, oranges and yellows – these colours really emphasize the beauty Mother Nature provides during the fall months. Also try bronze, gold, and beige: these colours will produce a romantic, sophisticated, rustic mood. Just remember not to use clashing colours – you do not want to go overboard with the whole colour focus.

As for décor try using pumpkins, acorns, and cornucopias. Play up the fall theme by adding bronze and metallic accents, such as copper kettles, fireplace décor, or fall leaves.

When picking your wedding flowers, use autumn ones to add to the mood of your fall wedding. Include fall favourites such as dahlias, spider mums, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, heather, wheat, sprigs of berries, roses or daises (see Top Ten Flowers for Your Autumn Wedding for more ideas). Flowers that have fall colours are a great choice. A great idea for floral, yet fall centerpiece is to place flowers in the centre of a hallowed out pumpkin. Or instead of including flowers carve mini jack-o-lanterns and place tea lights inside to give your wedding a spook.

Orange DaisyIf you feel like adding a spook to your wedding, perhaps you are interested in throwing a full-out Halloween themed wedding. In addition to creating jack-o-lantern centerpieces, you could invite your guests to attend in costume – this is great for the kids at the wedding, who often feel excluded at such formal affairs.  At the reception you can also play Halloween games, such as bobbing for apples and pinning the nose on the witch. For wedding favours you could give out trick-or-treat bags filled with gourmet jellybeans and decadent chocolates.

Is a Halloween theme not really your style, want something a bit more formal? Maybe you would prefer a traditional harvest theme instead. This is another great way to celebrate your fall ceremony. Instead of having your wedding in a garden, park, or backyard, rent a barn. Decorate it with fall flowers, pumpkins, and hay. You could even get a square dance caller to give your wedding a western twist. This is sure to be a wedding theme that won’t be forgotten easily.

Another fall-induced theme is a Thanksgiving theme. Thanksgiving is the perfect time for an elegant yet relaxed celebration, as the autumn holiday lends itself to the natural settings, simple décor, and traditional holiday comfort foods. Use the autumn harvest for inspiration when it comes to décor – try gourds, pumpkins, squash, and gold dipped fall leaves. You are not confined to rustic and casual for your Thanksgiving wedding – you can create a posh ambiance if you drape lush velvet in a rich chocolate brown or gold throughout your reception space. Then accent the space with antique broaches, crystal candleholders, and stemware. Plus a great aspect of a Thanksgiving themed wedding is the food! You can include all your holiday favourites: turkey, red potatoes, corn bread, dressing, green beans, and honey glazed carrots. Instead of a wedding cake, try pumpkin pie or a pumpkin flavoured cake.

Fall presents heaps of potentials for a wedding theme because of the variety of unique ideas, colours, and accents. Thanks to Mother Nature you have all the beauty you need for your wedding day by using the awesome autumn atmosphere. Like the season itself, fall weddings symbolize a lot and mean something positive and special to everyone.