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Fall Wedding Ideas – How to dress

Summer weddings used to be all the rage. Everyone wanted a beautiful, sunny, warm wedding day, but quickly autumn is racing forward becoming the most popular season for weddings, particularly October (which has replaced September as the most popular month to get hitched). The beauty of the autumn months creates a lovely backdrop for all weddings – but it makes dressing up difficult when you want to be warm too. fallHere are three helpful autumn trends to keep you stylish, yet warm at any fall weddings you may be attending.

Skip the boots: Boots are  big in the area of trends this year, from cute ankle boots to sexy knee highs – a girl has plenty of options when she is boot shopping. However, one option that is not available is wearing them to a wedding, no matter how casual the wedding may be. Even in the fall, strappy heels, peep-toe pumps, and traditional pumps are appropriate. Most weddings require cocktail attire, and boots are definitely not part of traditional cocktail attire. Dressing up is fun; find a gorgeous pair of heels for a friend’s special day!

Cover your shoulders: In the summer it’s great to be able to wear strapless dresses, halter dresses and other –less dresses without having to worry about getting cold. In the fall, however, you need to keep warm and often dresses don’t provide enough coverage to keep you adequately heated. This year Pashminas and wraps are very popular, but shrugs seem to be on the way out of the fashion foreground. Many dresses are sold with a coordinating wrap for cooler weather, but if the dress you purchase isn’t you can always purchase one separately. Especially hot this year is contrasting and bright colours. Have a black or brown dress? Match it with a bright wrap for bang of colour to your ensemble.

Go for a feminine sweater: Sweaters are a great way to keep warm and are always super cozy; however, they can sometimes make a cocktail dress look too casual. Sweaters are great to wear when you are travelling to the wedding, from the wedding to the reception, and back home again, but don’t wear it during the ceremony or at the reception – you want to look dressed up and fancy, so don’t let a cardigan bring down your fashionable outfit. When you are choosing a sweater to wear, look for something feminine with small buttons, low-key embellishments or ruffles, plus make sure you choose a colour that will compliment or contrast your dress, the same way a wrap would.

Modified from: NJ.com