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Wedding Advice – Dealing with the Expert Bridesmaid


Here it goes again – Another dreaded wedding for the unwed.

It’s a classic joke, “Never the Bride and Always the Bridesmaid,” but for some the story is all to true and a cruel joke that they are struggling with.

I’ve only been in two weddings but have been asked to be in at least three prior to my walk down the aisle and one since I’ve been divorced. I have had the pleasure of meeting many women who have yet to meet their prince charming and marriage is still a dream just waiting to happen but have been in so many weddings that they are now considered experts in the field.

Though the privilege of being in a good friend’s wedding is a wonderful one. It can be a nagging reminder that they you haven’t had the ultimate experience of a lifetime – their own wedding.

So, brides, be mindful of your friends (The Single Brides) who have been in so many weddings that they could make it a profession. Here are few tips that may help the ever so popular bridesmaid tackle another fun-filled wedding.

Don’t call your bridesmaid with constant updates. If the update isn’t important just leave it alone. She doesn’t have to know that your future mother in-law thinks that you should use pale blue napkins instead of sky blue. Seriously what’s the difference?

Don’t brag about how great your husband to be is. Believe me she knows he’s a great guy but your constant reminders is making her hate him more and more.

Keep wedding meetings and rehearsals limited and make them meaningful. To be honest, unless she is part of the planning committee she doesn’t have to meet with you to pick out decor and taste wedding cake.

Make her feel special. Have a luncheon, drop her a note or card or send her a special gift to say just how special she is to you. Please avoid this, “I know you’ve been in a looooooot of weddings and thanks for giving it a good heave hoe for me. You are a wonderful gal but some folks just ain’t meant to walk the aisle.” Just simply tell her thank you for all of her support and you couldn’t do this without her.

Finally, please don’t stuff her into a hot pink taffeta dress and expect her to be happy. Be mindful of your wedding party. We know it’s your wedding but think about them too. Bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes.