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Wedding Flowers – Nine ways to get Creative

Your wedding flowers offer abundant opportunities to boil your creative juices and add a bit of originality to your wedding day. Don’t be afraid to design a floral scheme that breaks tradition. This is a list of ideas for bridal bouquets, centerpieces, colour schemes, and other decorations – it is a great place to start thinking about memorable décor for your special day.

mason jar vase

Play with Shape: Arrangements with a just-picked, unstructured look are replacing the tightly bound bouquet and centerpiece shapes that were previously popular. To ensure that you have a modern look, not messy, make sure you choose the right flowers. Use hearty blooms, like lilies, orchids, and amaranths – they work well in looser arrangements because of the sleek shape of the individual bloom. You can also try including non-floral elements too, like feathers, berries, and crystals to add interest and depth.

Get into Navy: Sophisticated and classic navy is one of the hottest colours of 2009 for weddings. Many brides are daring to think beyond the basic baby blue by incorporating the darker shade into their floral scheme. Naturally, navy flowers may be hard to come by, but there are some options that are a close match: deep blue violets, thistles, and hydrangeas are available in various shades of blue and indigo, while roses are a versatile bloom and can be dyed any colour – including navy. Try pairing these bold navy blooms with white or ivory for a classic look, or yellow for a bright burst of colour.

Think Beyond the Vase: There are many options to consider besides the traditional vase. Consider instead mix and match clusters of unique containers like wood buckets, mason jars, cans, pitchers, antique urns, and uniquely shaped vases to add interest and reflect personality within your wedding theme. Some ideas are to: fill watering cans with wildflowers for a garden celebration, or use apothecary jars filled with sand and sea glass to complement a waterfront wedding.

Lighten Up: Candles are always a popular choice for centerpieces; they are becoming even more popular as a budget and eco-friendly enhancement to traditional floral centerpieces. Ample candlelight lends the day a romantic, organic feel, while the natural resource saves electricity and drapes the setting with a dreamy, intimate glow.
Another way to enhance your arrangements with lighting and really make your centerpieces pop is through a technique called pinspotting. This advanced lighting design shines tiny beams of light from the ceiling to illuminate the centre of the arrangement.

Get Stoned: Say goodbye to light pastels and muted shades, and seek inspiration from the trinkets on your ears and wrist. Rich gemstone colours like amethyst, turquoise, and amber are hot on this year’s wedding palette.

nature centerpiece

Go Green!: Going green is easy when it comes to wedding flowers. Consult Mother Nature for inspiration and bring the outdoors inside. Natural objects like stones, leaves, pinecones, even twigs can add an organic aesthetic to your reception décor. Place these items in rustic containers or scatter them amongst pillar candles for added ambiance.

Make it Personal: Further seeking to personalize their weddings, brides are using their wedding flowers to call out specific interests by incorporating unique items into bouquets and centerpieces and creating a conversation piece for guests.

Tie it Together: The hand tied bouquet continues to reign as the most popular bouquet style as brides opt for a more tailored and natural look to their wedding flowers. A fresh bunch of flowers gathered and wrapped in a wide satin ribbon presents the look of simple elegance, but brides wishing to up the glam of this otherwise simple look can embellish this bouquet with brooches, pins, and crystal picks.

Lose the Corsage: De rigueur brides are foregoing corsages and instead having the Mum’s carry nosegay bouquets or tussy mussy’s down the aisle. Beside the fact that corsages tend to conjure up memories of proms gone bad, there is a practical reason for this trend too – it saves the dress! Often dresses are made of fragile material, so keep from pulling and tearing the dress, just simply skip it!