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Classic Blue Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet
Classic Blue Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet


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DIY Wedding Flowers – DIY Boutonnieres

A great way to save some money on your wedding day is through the creation of your very own beautiful boutonnieres for the groom and the groomsmen. If you want to make your own boutonnieres, we suggest using a hardy flower with a big head, like a rose or miniature calla lily. Flowers with big heads and sturdy stems can survive being handled, moreso than flimsy flowers.

We suggest making the boutonnieres the day before the wedding – and make sure you get extra flowers to practice beforehand – this way you will be able to perfect your technique before your big day. Here you will find a step-by-step guide on DIY boutonnieres.

Step One: Selecting and Preparing the Bundles of Blooms

  • Pick your bundles of bouquets.
  • Remove excess foliage and thorns – make sure to pull off all the damaged petals.
  • Fill a sink or bucket with water. Hold the stems underwater while you cut the stems at an angle about two inches from the bottom with a knife or stem cutter.
  • Make sure you allow the flowers to drink for a few seconds with the stems underwater (you don’t want the poor little guys to get dehydrated). After their thirst has been quenched, place the stems in a bucket halfway filled with cool water until you are ready to use them.

***NOTE: If you are using roses and the heads are not yet open, you can force the blooms open by placing the stems in a bucket of hot water. Do this only for a couple of minutes just before you are going to use the roses, otherwise you might kill them (oh no!).

Step Two: Choosing and Preparing Particular Flowers

  • Choose a particular stem or flower for the boutonniere (like we said, we recommend a heavier headed flower).
  • Use a stem cutter or sharp knife to cut the stem to a length of approximately three inches.
  • Create a bed for the flower. Take an ivy leaf, fern frond, or other bit of greenery and place it behind the flower. Make sure the bed you create does not extend much beyond the top of the flower, but is still visible from the sides as well.
  • Place a six-inch piece of wire behind the stems.

Step Three: Crafting the Boutonniere

  • Starting from the top of the stems, begin to wrap floral tape down the stems in a spiral to secure them together. Wrap the tape until about ¾ of an inch is covered.
  • Trim away the excess stem and continue to wrap floral tape around the wire about three inches down, and then wrap the tape back up toward the flower head.
  • Once you are back at the top, wrap tape around several times to be sure it is secure.
  • Trim the excess tape.

Step Four: Securing the Boutonniere

  • To finish the boutonniere trim the wired and wrapped stem so the total length is about 1 ½ inches long.
  • Curl the end around a pencil point and pinch the tip to finish it.
  • Attach a ribbon bow, if you like.
  • Depending on the weight of the boutonniere, insert one or two pearl-tipped pins into the stem to use later for attaching to the lapel.

Congratulations! You’ve just completed your first boutonniere! Once you have finished, you can store the boutonniere in a re-sealable plastic bag. Mist the boutonniere with water, and place it in the bag. Blow a puff of breath into the bag before you seal it to provide airspace around the boutonniere. You can store up to two boutonnieres in the same bag.



Fall Themed Weddings – September, October and November Weddings

Weddings, no matter how stressful they are to plan, are always fun to plan at the same time – if it is a spring, summer, autumn, or winter wedding; there is always something magical about each and every one of them. Whatever season you choose to have your wedding, it will be beautiful in its own way, as each season is Red Roses with Leavesdifferent from the next and has something new to offer.

Have you decided to have your wedding in the fall? You are not alone. Many couples choose a fall themed wedding because of the cool, crisp air; magnificent colours; and outstanding autumn atmosphere. Fall weddings can be casual or elegant depending on your personal preference – both offer a variety of unique ideas. Fall weddings also have the potential to invoke a fantasy-like or storybook setting due to their beautifully breathtaking background.

The focus of your fall wedding should be on the colours, the décor, and the flowers – these three elements set the stage for your entire wedding. Some fall wedding ideas for the décor and colouring are to use warm, wood colours to keep with the fall theme. Draw on dark browns, red, oranges and yellows – these colours really emphasize the beauty Mother Nature provides during the fall months. Also try bronze, gold, and beige: these colours will produce a romantic, sophisticated, rustic mood. Just remember not to use clashing colours – you do not want to go overboard with the whole colour focus.

As for décor try using pumpkins, acorns, and cornucopias. Play up the fall theme by adding bronze and metallic accents, such as copper kettles, fireplace décor, or fall leaves.

When picking your wedding flowers, use autumn ones to add to the mood of your fall wedding. Include fall favourites such as dahlias, spider mums, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, heather, wheat, sprigs of berries, roses or daises (see Top Ten Flowers for Your Autumn Wedding for more ideas). Flowers that have fall colours are a great choice. A great idea for floral, yet fall centerpiece is to place flowers in the centre of a hallowed out pumpkin. Or instead of including flowers carve mini jack-o-lanterns and place tea lights inside to give your wedding a spook.

Orange DaisyIf you feel like adding a spook to your wedding, perhaps you are interested in throwing a full-out Halloween themed wedding. In addition to creating jack-o-lantern centerpieces, you could invite your guests to attend in costume – this is great for the kids at the wedding, who often feel excluded at such formal affairs.  At the reception you can also play Halloween games, such as bobbing for apples and pinning the nose on the witch. For wedding favours you could give out trick-or-treat bags filled with gourmet jellybeans and decadent chocolates.

Is a Halloween theme not really your style, want something a bit more formal? Maybe you would prefer a traditional harvest theme instead. This is another great way to celebrate your fall ceremony. Instead of having your wedding in a garden, park, or backyard, rent a barn. Decorate it with fall flowers, pumpkins, and hay. You could even get a square dance caller to give your wedding a western twist. This is sure to be a wedding theme that won’t be forgotten easily.

Another fall-induced theme is a Thanksgiving theme. Thanksgiving is the perfect time for an elegant yet relaxed celebration, as the autumn holiday lends itself to the natural settings, simple décor, and traditional holiday comfort foods. Use the autumn harvest for inspiration when it comes to décor – try gourds, pumpkins, squash, and gold dipped fall leaves. You are not confined to rustic and casual for your Thanksgiving wedding – you can create a posh ambiance if you drape lush velvet in a rich chocolate brown or gold throughout your reception space. Then accent the space with antique broaches, crystal candleholders, and stemware. Plus a great aspect of a Thanksgiving themed wedding is the food! You can include all your holiday favourites: turkey, red potatoes, corn bread, dressing, green beans, and honey glazed carrots. Instead of a wedding cake, try pumpkin pie or a pumpkin flavoured cake.

Fall presents heaps of potentials for a wedding theme because of the variety of unique ideas, colours, and accents. Thanks to Mother Nature you have all the beauty you need for your wedding day by using the awesome autumn atmosphere. Like the season itself, fall weddings symbolize a lot and mean something positive and special to everyone.


Fall Wedding Flowers – Top Ten

September is the most popular month to get married – September, the month when the leaves begin to change colours, and you need a sweater in the evenings. Autumn weddings tend to be influenced by the rich, bold colours of the changing leaves; Mother Nature seems to have a dominant role in these weddings. The wedding season of autumn is best known for its rich colours and striking contrasts that are complementary to what the season generally looks like. The same goes for autumn wedding flowers; golden yellow, orange and deep red are some of the major choices. Flowers that are bold and dynamic make great choices for your fall wedding.

Tying the knot this fall? Want to know what your choices are for the best wedding flowers? Here are the top ten flowers for autumn weddings:

The bird of paradise is an exotic flower that gives you one last glimmer at summertime. These exotic flowers have a green beak, orange and blue crest, and green leaves with a hint of silver. Birds of paradise are perfect for destination weddings, topical themed weddings or for decorating reception tables (they will give your reception a splash of colour). We recommend using these flowers in early autumn if you plan on focusing on a fall themed wedding since they are more tropical and do not play into Mother Nature’s natural colours as well as some other flowers may.

Bouvardias are loose clusters of starlet flowers that are tubular in shape and have a faint sweet scent. These beautiful flowers are most Bouvardia popularly used in buttonholes, but they can also be used in low sitting centerpieces. Bouvardias can be found in white, yellow, pink, and red, making them ideal colours for a fall themed wedding.

Chrysanthemums are one of the most popular autumn flowers, although they are available year round, they grow during the fall season. These beautiful flowers come in a variety of sizes and colours, which makes them ideal for any type of wedding, and they can be used as fillers for floral arrangements or bridal bouquets. Don’t pass up the chance to add these stunning flowers to your wedding celebration.

Darling dahlias come in vibrant shades of yellow and red – ideal autumn wedding colours. With their multiple petals they can be a wonderful addition to your wedding as a centerpiece or floral arrangement.

Delphiniums, a member of the buttercup family, are most popularly known to be blue, but you are also able to find this flower in gorgeous shades of pink and lilac. Delphiniums are perfect to use during a wedding reception to add height to table arrangement; they create a dramatic touch to your entire celebration.

Gerberas, like delphiniums, will create a dramatic and contemporary look for bouquets. They are available in over a hundred shades and colours, which makes them the most popular choice for autumn wedding since they can easily match any theme. It will not be difficult to decorate your wedding with this wonderful bloom.

Another popular fall flower is hydrangeas. Hydrangeas have full blooms that come in gorgeous pastel shades such as soft white, pink, lilac, and light blue – soft white being the most popular for fall; pink, lilac, and light blue are more popular in the spring. Hydrangeas are great for creating table centerpieces, pedestal floral arrangements, as well as being used in the bridal bouquet.

If you want to add something exotic to your wedding then your best choice is to use outstanding orchids. These beautiful flowers are a staple at many weddings, where couples want to add an exquisite touch. Orchids come in either white or bright pink; they are stunning for modern table centerpieces, and bouquets.

Don’t let its name fool you, pinks come in other colours too – available in shades of pink to red. You can use these flowers to make beautiful round flower arrangements for the alter or for the bridal bouquet.

The top ten autumn wedding flowers would not be complete without roses. Although it is not often associated with fall, you can use roses that are deep burgundy or yellow to add grace and beauty to your fall wedding, plus the strong message of romance and love.

When you are picking flowers for your wedding you should take plenty of time since flowers are some of the most important aspects of wedding decorations. Hopefully these ten flowers can provide some insight into what flowers are popular for autumn weddings.


Winery Weddings – How to Throw a Vineyard Themed Wedding

Are you a wine connoisseur, or do you just like to indulge yourself in a glass every now and then? Whatever the case may be, a vineyard wedding theme may be for you and your partner. A vineyard themed wedding is a great way to mix your wedding and subsequent events to provide entertainment for everyone in attendance.vineyard

The best location for a wedding of such caliper would be at a vineyard, both the ceremony and the reception, if possible. Even guests who do not drink wine will find more than enough to enjoy and take in at such a lovely location. Vineyards usually offer stunning landscapes and rustic settings. The theme of a vineyard wedding is to produce something that lets people enjoy the finer side of life while they enjoy the beauty of the day. Hosting a wedding at a vineyard allows guests to enjoy the lush landscape and picturesque rows of grapes – it is also great for wedding party photos after the ceremony. Plus, the intertwined vines can represent you and your partner as you move into the next chapter of your life, intertwining your two lives together. Many vineyards and wineries have facilities to host weddings or receptions – some even have space set aside to provide the best possible views for exchanging your vows.

Vineyard and winery weddings are not exclusive to the Summer and Autumn. Many vineyards cater to events such as weddings and therefore possess a large tasting hall for events in the off season or during inclement weather. Even if you have your vineyard wedding indoors, the environment will more than make the day.

Fortunately, even if you do not live in wine country, you can be a bit creative and still have a vineyard themed wedding. The ceremony may need to be held in a more traditional setting, but there are plenty of restaurants in most cities and towns that cater to fine wine – some may even offer wine tastings – so using them for a reception should not be a problem. Plus, any event location that caters to weddings should be able to transform the facility into a winery wonderland. If you do not have access to a vineyard or winery, but still want to have your reception or ceremony outdoors you can consider a picturesque landscape. If you choose this option then you can decorate the place to your liking and adapt the environment to a vineyard.

Although the scenery is important to a vineyard wedding theme, the main importance is the fine wine and food, so if you have to improvise make sure you have fine wine, followed by the proper locale. If these two facets are well covered the rest of the wedding should fall into place.

When it comes to decorations for your wedding, try using vine decorations and include deep burgundy, plum, and red colours – deep rich colours will emphasize the deep reds of the wines, or stand out among white wines. For example, try a burgundy luxury cover with gold foil print guestbook – this will add richness and elegance to your environment. If you are having an outdoor reception, try to include an arbor – this is always a popular photo spot.

Put a great deal of consideration into your food and drink choices. You should make sure that there is an ample amount of red, white, and blush wines, as well as any personal favourites, so that you will have something for all of your guests to enjoy. A unique element to a vineyard themed wedding is the possibility to have a wine tasting instead of a cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception. This adds a touch of classiness to your wedding, plus it is informative and exclusive to your guests. For sit-down dinners make sure you have wine on hand that matches each dish.

A vineyard theme is truly a creative theme that will leave your guests talking about the setting, ceremony, beauty, and wine for a long time. By using the various possible settings, your wedding will be remembered as a beautiful and tranquil affair made even more amazing by its surroundings and theme. Try something unique and imaginative for your wedding and host a vineyard themed wedding for your friends and family.


Calla Lily Wedding Theme – Regal Elegance

Have you been captivated by the beauty of the calla lily? You are not alone. Calla lily themed weddings are one of the most popular, if not the most popular, themes around the world. Nothing says sophistication, refinement, and “white wedding splendor” more than a calla lily.

Calla Lily - 1The simple elegance of the calla lily has long been used to symbolize beauty, femininity, and purity, which has made it a popular bloom for artists, connoisseurs, and, of course, brides. They always look beautiful in a bouquet – their heart shaped leaves, which range from 20 to 36 inches, makes them ideal. Or you can use a single bloom as a simple boutonniere. The sky is the limit with the potential these blooms possess.

According to botanical experts, the true meaning of the calla lily is sophistication and beauty. It has also been said that the shape of the blooms resemble trumpets heralding victory to the heavens. Callas popularity results from their pure white blooms and vibrant green stalks and leaves – they are available in other colours too: lavender, pink, orange, rosy red, and green – any of these colours are perfect for a wedding. Due to the callas vivacious green, a rich emerald green colour is the perfect accent for a white calla lily theme. Other colours that look fantastic and complement a white calla lily wedding are butter yellow, burnt orange, midnight blue, and ruby red. And callas are the perfect flower to mix with many different flowers – don’t be afraid to experiment with them! Try pairing them with roses, freesia, tulips, or try tropical beauties like birds of paradise and orchids.

The Queen of Good Things, Martha Stewart, is a big advocate of calla lily themed weddings – especially as the wedding flower – and no one does wedding better than her. According to Stewart, the calla lily was the flower that early Romans used to signify the passing of winter solstice. The Romans would plant them just inside their homes, and time the planting perfectly, so that they would bloom as the winter solstice occurred; the calla lily would then offer light and beauty in an otherwise dark and dreary time of year.

Nowadays, calla lilies are popular flowers for Spring and Autumn weddings, although they work perfectly for a winter wonderland wedding too. A calla lily wedding theme is exquisite no matter what season the wedding is held, or whether it is a morning, afternoon, or evening ceremony.

When planning a calla lily themed wedding there are many ways to incorporate the flower into your wedding, aside from fresh flowers. In addition to the flowers you could include a unity ceremony candle in the shape of a calla, cake serving set, bride’s garter, ring bearer pillow, guest book, bridal drawstring purse, or silver pen set. There are many other wedding accessories and decorations that are available with a calla lily motif. You can customize your wedding program, use embossed calla lily seals on your invitations, or include a small image of a calla on place cards.

Since a calla lily denotes sophistication and grace, other complementary wedding and reception decorations include cut glass, crystal, and polished silver. Great places to use these accents are on your reception tables. Use polished silver place card holders, gleaming crystal candle holders, and cut glass centerpieces – all of these will emphasize the beauty of the callas.

If you decide to go with a calla lily theme, remember a few things:Calla Wedding Collection

  • Before the wedding, be sure to place your lilies away from direct sunlight, heat vents, drafts, or air conditioners. Calla lilies can be very finicky when it comes to direct shots of heat or cold.
  • Never store them on top of TV or near any source of heat or electricity; this goes for any type of fresh floral arrangement.
  • If you are making your own table arrangements, make sure you use floral preservatives to keep them looking lovely and fresh for a longer period of time. Since vase life is anywhere from 7 to 10 days, you may want to invite some guests to take table arrangements home, so they can enjoy the callas beauty for days after the ceremony.
  • Calla lilies are great cut flowers and look exquisite in hand-tied bouquets. Use natural satin ribbon for the best contrast of colours and texture.

When you are selecting your wedding theme, or flower, you could not select a more eloquent flower than the calla lily. Whether you get married in a church, a backyard, or a city hall, the presence of majestic callas will make the event that much more powerfully expressive and refined.


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