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Classic Blue Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet


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Marriage – 10 Reasons to Commit

When it comes to marriage, everyone is an expert with opinions aplenty on whom to marry, when to do it, and how to keep it going once the last of the confetti has fallen. Getting married is often the biggest event of a person’s life, with the entire process being a whirlwind for many – from meeting their future spouse through to the honeymoon, with countless dramas and surprises occurring along the way. Getting married has become even more complicated in the 21st century with many couples opting NOT to marry for reasons ranging from the expense, fear of commitment or losing oneself in the tradition. These are all reasons to not get married, but there are many reasons FOR marriage, even if it’s just to have someone always tell you when you have toilet paper stuck to your shoe!

You’ve found the one for you:
So that’s it. You found the person that you want to share your life with. This person has seen the best and the worst of you and still wants to see more. Knowing you have found the one is a source of countless love songs and bad poetry, yet only the people involved can actually know if marriage is the next logical step.

You are ready to commit for life:
Many people choose to live in de facto relationships with their partners, but being married is not just a religious ceremony, but a legally binding contract that offers protection and legal requirements for both parties involved. For many people, this represents the ultimate commitment.

Someone to blame when stuff goes missing:
Always cursing yourself when you have misplaced your keys or the remote? Well one of the beauties of marriage is that you now have a built-in blaming system for which you can blame your spouse for whatever idiotic behavior has lead to a missing item, even if the accusations are unjustified; it is a well-known fact that yelling about a missing object immediately makes it appear.

A great party thrown in your honour:
Unless you are the shy type who does not enjoy being the focus of the attention, the wedding ceremony and its subsequent lead up events can be reason enough for marriage, not to mention the events that follow. From your first night together to your first anniversary, marriage provides an excellent foundation for quality gifts and experiences for the starring couple.

You can stop getting fixed up:
Almost reason for marriage alone after any particularly bad date, marriage does provide the perfect excuse for letting down those interested parties who may not return the affection. “Dinner? Oh, I’m sorry, I’m married”. Sounds far better then: “I think I’m busy that night doing anything else in the world”. Of course the trade off is that you no longer get to experience the hilariously diverse world of the modern dating scene, having to live vicariously through friends.

Always have a +1:
Being married can have many significant advantages, if not only for the wingman at family and friends events that can fill an awkward silences, save you from strained conversations and provide a reason to leave early. “Oh we would love to stay but unfortunately (spouse) is just not feeling well”.

Someone contractually obligated to care when you get the sniffles:
Often the forgotten vow in many marriages, being there in sickness and health can sometimes be the clinchers for many successful marriages as who can you love more than the loving hand that provides aspirin or soup when you’re sick?

Improved chance of getting lucky without need of alcohol:
While certainly not a guarantee, getting married may certainly improve some people’s chances of a higher strike rate than in their dating years.

Someone to listen to your stories for the umpteenth time:
Yes, you may honestly believe that the story from that day on the lake is the funniest one you have in your entertaining arsenal, so chances are that your spouse heard it on your first date. Of course, the benefits of marriage mean that while they may have indeed heard it before, they may humour you by hearing it again, even with its new exaggerations and plot twists.

Sounding board for life:
Of course, one of the greatest points of marriage can sometimes be the fact that you have found someone who loves you no matter what, even when you are irrational, unpredictable, and completely insane, they can provide either an excellent sounding board or a sparring partner.

Marriage is a great source of amusement and jokes for most people, both those who are living it and those who are mere observers. But all jokes aside, marriage is a serious commitment that people take when they are ready to share their whole lives with one other person, and this means all their lives, the good and the bad.


Bridal Bouquets – Floral Alternatives

Are you not quite sure what to do? Allergic to flowers, but believe it is expected of you to carry them down the aisle on your wedding day? There are alternatives to the traditional bridal bouquet.

Paper flower bouquet

If you have read “Floral Customs and Traditions of the World” you will recall that traditionally women used to carry aromatic bunches of herbs, garlic, and grain down the aisle when they got married instead of flowers to drive away evil spirits. Over time, women shifted from carrying these items to flowers instead – flowers had come to represent fertility, which was important in a marriage for child-bearing purposes, as well as everlasting love (obviously something that is important in any marriage).

Non-Floral Ideas: If you want something other than a bouquet of flowers, you can always opt for a bouquet of greenery, or herbs. You can try using ferns, ivy, fall leaves, or winter berries, depending on when you are getting married. If you don’t feel like carrying garlic down the aisle, and sticking with very early tradition, there are other options.

Flower-Look Alikes: If you like fresh flowers, but unfortunately have allergies to them, you can opt to use alternative floral bouquets on your wedding day.
1. Silk Flowers – There are some silk flowers that look like a mirror image to real ones, while there are other ones that look plastic. Avoid the plastic looking ones if you want to create the illusion of real flowers at your wedding. A perk of using silk flowers for your wedding is the opportunity to purchase them well in advance of your wedding date, so that you have them on time, plus you can keep them afterwards to remember your special day (of course you can keep real flowers too if you dry them correctly, but keeping fake flowers is easier and less time consuming).
2. Porcelain Flowers – Beautiful porcelain flowers, although extremely fragile, will create a stunning visual while you walk down the aisle. It definitely adds an element of class to your wedding day that regular flowers are unable to do, but it is a costly alternative. Not recommended for the self-proclaimed klutzes.
3. Paper Flowers – Feeling crafty? You can make (or purchase) floral bouquets made from coloured tissue paper or origami paper. This option is fun, economical, and even an elegant alternative.

seashell bouquet

Unique Bouquets: Do you want to be very original at your wedding? Do you want a bouquet that contains no flowers whatsoever (well, we are a bit sad, but it’s your special day, so have the day you want!) – consider these options.
1. Candy Bouquets – Have a sweet tooth? Why not walk down the aisle to your sweetie carrying a super sweet bouquet?
2. Crystal Bouquets – Like the porcelain flower bouquets, crystal bouquets are extremely fragile and not the most cost-friendly option if you are looking to save money on your wedding. If you are having a very elegant and regal wedding, look online at Swarovski; they offer crystal bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. Again, this idea is not recommended for the self-proclaimed klutzes.
3. Fabric or Ribbon Bouquets – This is a project for a crafty bride, although fabric and ribbon bouquets are available for purchase online too.
4. Seashell Bouquet – Ideally, a seashell bouquet is perfect for a beach bride. Some of these bouquets are made of fabric or silk and have seashell accents, while other are made entirely of seashells. This is certainly a unique idea for a summer beach wedding.

Another option is to carry a book or Bible down the aisle. Or you could carry a candle if it is carefully enclosed to avoid a fire. You could even incorporate this candle into the lighting of the unity candle if you are having one at your ceremony. Other objects that you could use in place of a floral bouquet are: rosaries, pictures, or family heirlooms – all of these items will make a special symbol at your ceremony. As long as it is meaningful to you, then you can carry whatever you like down the aisle.

Ideas Generated From: Suite101


Celebrity Weddings: How to Turn Your Day into a Star-Studded Event

Thursday, 28 October 2010 02:03

Do you longingly read the tabloids while waiting in the grocery store check-out dreaming of having your own celebrity wedding? Although your budget may not allow you to spend hundreds-of-thousands, sometimes even millions of dollars on your wedding, there are ways to add celebrity touches to your wedding without breaking the bank.

Us, “normal folk” often try to mimic celebrities, who seem to live in a fantasy world, filled with diamonds, exotic vacations, designer clothing, and, of course, have millions of dollars at their disposal. So, it seems fairly obvious that we also try to mimic their wedding style – celebrity wedding styles have become some of the most popular wedding trends throughout North America, with particular regard to the oodles of flowers they use on their wedding day.

Royal weddings are a great place to look for inspiration when planning your wedding, especially if you crave something classic and sophisticated. In 1840, Queen Victoria of England tied the knot with Prince Albert of Germany. The Queen wore Orange Blossoms in her hair and carried a simple wedding bouquet of Snowdrop flowers (these were reportedly Prince Albert’s favourite flower). The Victorians paid great attention to flower meanings, so it can be assumed that Queen Victoria spent a great deal of time deciding which flowers to use in her ceremony. Although you don’t need to use Snowdrop flowers, for instance, you could always consult your groom about his favourite flowers – send a secret message to him on your special day, just like Queen Victoria did to Prince Albert; how romantic is that?

Diana Wedding Dress

Everyone can recall (even if they were not born yet, they have seen photographs or video) when Lady Diana Spencer married the Prince of Wales in 1981, in what has been deemed a fairytale wedding. The late Princess carried a beautiful bouquet of cascading yellow roses, gardenias, orchids, stephanotis, freesia, and lily-of-the-valley. Sprigs of myrtle and Veronica flowers were also included in this bouquet – flowers that had been included in Queen Victoria’s wedding too. Want a wedding fit for a Princess? While you might not be able to afford such a lavish gown as the one Princess Diana wore, you would be able to carry the beautiful bouquet that she carried on that late July afternoon.

Early Hollywood movie stars also threw gorgeous wedding ceremonies – from the dress to the flowers – although gorgeous doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be large and expensive. Some celebrities, ones of great fame, tried to keep their wedding simple and small. When Marilyn Monroe married her second husband, Joe DiMaggio in 1954 she carried a basic wedding bouquet of three white orchids. Despite her fame, she had a small, simple, and very intimate wedding, rather than a huge party for hundreds of people. The same year Audrey Hepburn married Mel Ferres – also keeping it simple she carried a bouquet of white roses. Even in her second marriage to Andrea Dotti in 1969 she still kept her wedding simple, carrying a freesia and lily-of-the-valley bouquet. It seems these starlets, despite their international fame, opted for smaller intimate weddings versus big, boisterous ones.

Even some modern movie stars decide to have smaller weddings – and in some cases, keep their nuptials a secret, either eloping or planning a wedding in an exotic location, in the hopes of avoiding the paparazzi (although this isn’t always the case. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen had a run-in with the paparazzi when they got married in Costa Rica. Trying to protect their client, their armed bodyguards shot at the photogs, nearly hitting them). When Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thorton tied the knot in Las Vegas, Angelina’s wedding package only cost $189, which included a simple bridal bouquet of white roses and carnations. Although the marriage didn’t last, it is still possible to have a small, cheap wedding if you and your beau want to escape and tie the knot secretly. Seems kind of romantic, don’t you think?

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, a notorious loud-mouth on Twitter, were able to tie the knot in a secret Kabbalah ceremony that only 100 of their friends and family knew about. It is a good thing Twitter wasn’t around in 2005, or Ashton may not have been able to keep the secret!

Another modern celebrity couple who decided to have a more personal ceremony was Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds. The two celebrated with a discreet wedding ceremony at the Clayoquat Wilderness Resort on Vancouver Island, Canada in 2008.

However, there are some modern celebrities who chose to have big, lavish ceremonies, where money is not a concern.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise: TomKat’s 2006 wedding at a chateau in Italy had everybody talking. The ceremony and reception featured 150 guests, 300 bottles of wine, three distinctly decorated castle halls, an Andrea Bocelli serenade, a fireworks display, and a five-tier white chocolate wedding cake with marzipan roses. It victoria-beckham-002seems Tom Cruise had to go all out for the woman he told the world that he loved so much, while jumping on a sofa at a taping of Oprah; nothing was too good for his lady. And the cost of this wedding, approximately $2 million, according to Forbes.

David and Victoria Beckham: Tying the knot in 1999, they recently celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary – a rarity it seems in Hollywood. Their ceremony was fit for a king and queen, with a castle venue, gilded thrones, 18-piece orchestra, fireworks, and more than 400 staff members to wait on 230 guests, who all wore black and white as per the majesties request. Victoria herself looked like royalty, wearing a diamond-encrusted crown and $100,000 Vera Wang wedding dress. Their four month old son Brooklyn served as their ring bear.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker:  This couple didn’t just want a wedding day, they wanted a wedding week. The weeklong celebration began in Saint-Tropez with a his-and-hers bachelor party, followed by a trip to Disneyland for some pre-wedding fun. Then the jetsetters travelled to Paris for a double-ceremony celebration at a 17th century castle.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt: In 2000, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt wed. Flowers were used liberally at the ceremony. Jennifer’s bouquet consisted of pink Dutch Vendela roses and green hydrangeas – and the flower girls threw petals down the aisle. It has been reported that over 50,000 flowers were used on the day.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel: This couple did things a bit backwards. It wasn’t until they said “I do” that they sent out invitations to their family and friends, announcing their wedding. Already married, they then threw a whole weeklong celebration for their family and friends when it was time to have a second ceremony. Their weeklong celebration included a joint bachelor-bachelorette party, a Hawaiian themed rehearsal dinner, and a ceremony at the Church Estates Vineyard in Malibu, California.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi: Both wearing Zac Posen, Ellen in a sleek white suit and Portia in a beautiful backless dress, exchanged vows in the backyard of their Los Angeles home in 2008, after Ellen announced on her talk show that her, and longtime girlfriend, Portia, would wed after California changed the laws080819_Ellen-wedding-cropped_widec about same-sex marriages.

Forbes magazine has calculated the most expensive celebrity weddings, although four of the ten have already ended in divorce. Maybe money can’t buy happiness?

  1. Liza Minnelli and David Gest: $3.5 million (divorced)
  2. Paul McCartney and Heather Mills: $3 million (divorced)
  3. Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar: $2.5 million (still happily married)
  4. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: $2 million (still happily married)
  5. Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky: $2 million (divorced)
  6. Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman: $2 million (still happily married)
  7. Elton John and David Furnish: $1.5 million (still happily married)
  8. Michael Douglas and Catherin Zeta-Jones: $1.5 million (still happily married)
  9. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren: $1.5 million (still happily married)
  10. Eddie Murphy and Nicole Mitchell: $1.5 million (divorced)

Even though their weddings may be out of your budget – it is still possible to pull ideas from their celebrations to incorporate into your own. Whether you want to mimic their flowers, their hairstyles, their menus, or venues – it’s your special day; make yourself feel like a celebrity!


DIY Wedding Flowers – Hand Tied Bouquets

Trying to keep your wedding budget down, but don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your bouquets – why not make your own bridal bouquet? If you are a petite bride we suggest carrying a bridal bouquet of roses, lilies, carnations, or sweet peas. For a taller bride, though, try carrying long-stem roses, calla lilies, carnations, orchids, gladiolus, or hydrangeas. Hand-tied bouquets are elegant for any bride and it’s quite simple to learn how to tie a bridal bouquet.

Orange BouquetReady?

Step 1: Check your flower of choice for any bruised petals, thorns, or leaves. You have the option to strip away all the leaves if you prefer, or you can leave some on – this is up to your personal preference. To strip the leaves off, you can do so by cutting or pulling them by hand.

Step 2: Lay the flowers stem to stem and cut the ends with a sharp knife. You want to ensure that you evenly match the height of each flower and stem. For best results, use a ruler!

Step 3: It’s time to gather the flowers in your hands and stand them on your work area. Turn them to examine how they look as a group – now is the chance to make any changes. Make sure you check how the bouquet looks from all angles.

Step 4: Hold the bouquet in one hand and wrap a rubber band around the centre of the stems tightly to secure the entire grouping. There are two areas in which you can secure the bouquet, either in the middle of the stems or near the head of the flowers, right under the petal area (about 3 inches away from the bloom).

Step 5: Lay the bouquet on the work station in order to wrap ribbon around the area you have secured. Make sure you tie the ribbon firmly in place.White Rose Bouquet

Step 6: Lastly, tie a bow in place at the front of the bouquet. Viola! You’ve created your own bridal bouquet.

Things You’ll Need to Make a Hand-Tied Bridal Bouquet:

  • Fresh flowers with sturdy stems
  • Sharp non-serrated knife
  • Rubber band or pony tail holder
  • Ribbon, lace, netting, or jeweled string

Tips & Warnings:

  • Fresh flowers need to be kept in a cool place until the ceremony and photo sessions to ensure they do not begin to wilt.
  • Be sure that the stems are securely tightened, if it’s not the bouquet can fall apart or the ribbon could slip off.

DIY Wedding Flowers – How to make your Flower Girls Bouquet

Are you having a flower girl in your wedding? Would you rather break with tradition and not have her carry a basket of petals to drop at your feet? Why not make her feel like a mini-member of the bridal party by letting her carry a bouquet down the aisle too. It is easy to make your own rose bouquet for the flower girl who isflower girl apart of your special day.

Step 1: Instead of using large roses, make her a miniature bouquet, using miniature roses or rosebuds. The number of flowers you will need will depend on the desired bouquet size and the size of the flowers you select.

Step 2: Use flowers that coordinate with the colour scheme of your wedding, as well as the bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets. All you simply need to do is make the flower girls bouquet a simpler, smaller version.

Step 3: Purchase a bouquet holder in order to complete the bouquet; it is important to purchase a bouquet holder that is filled with foam, this way the flowers will be securely in place. To place the flowers in the bouquet you first need to place the bouquet holder upside down on the surface of a large bowl of water. While holding the handle you want to let the holder gradually become submerged into the water, soaking the foam. Once the foam is saturated, remove the holder from the water and dry the exterior. You can then begin to place the flowers, greenery, and filler items at the bottom of the holder and work your way up the holder. Before you stick the flowers into the holder, however, hold each flower and stemmed piece up to the arrangement before you cut the stem. Determine how long you want the stem to be, then cut the stem 1 ½ to 2 inches above your preference (the extra length is so you are able to adequately secure the stem into the flower foam).

Step 4: To finish tie one large bow at the top of the bouquet holder’s handle, or tie several lengths of narrow ribbon to create ribbon streamers. Try using 1- or 2-inch wide silk or satin ribbon for the bow and ¼ inch ribbon for the streamers. Affix the ribbons with a bit of glue.

Want to try something different? Instead of using a bouquet holder would you rather have a hand-tied bouquet for your flower girl instead? Hand-tied bouquets can be as elaborate or as simple as you like.

Step 1: Lay the roses, along with the greenery or other filler items, such as baby’s breath, on a flat work surface. Position the roses close together, so that their arrangement is symmetrical and the roses are all visible.

Step 2: Using green floral tape or florist wire, tie the stems together. Tie them below the bottom-most rose in the arrangement. If some stems are not long enough to be secured by the tape or wire, affix the stem to another stem that is higher in the arrangement. This can also help keep the bouquet held tightly together.

Step 3: Trim the stems so that they remain at least 5 inches long and tie a silk or satin bow at the bottom of the bouquet. Use 1- or 2-inch wide ribbon that coordinates with the wedding colours.

Step 4: Use pearl sprays, lace trim, and other decorative pieces in conjunction with the bow or in the bouquet. This adds a nice, classic feel to the bouquet.

And there you have it – two unique ideas to break tradition and make your flower girl feel like a miniature member of your bridal party!

Things You’ll Need for Either Bouquet:

  • 1- to 2-inch wide silk or satin ribbons
  • ¼ inch wide silk or satin ribbon
  • Flat work surface
  • Florist wires
  • Lace trims
  • Pearl sprays
  • Baby’s breath
  • Fresh flowers and greenery
  • Gardening gloves
  • Glue
  • Green floral tape
  • Kitchen utility knives
  • Scissors

Tips & Warnings:

  • Make sure you order your flowers in advance of the wedding date – make the bouquets the day before the wedding in order to ensure the flowers are at their freshest for your wedding.
  • Look for bouquet holders at floral supply and craft stores. Choose holders that come with a floral foam insert.
  • Remove any thorns or wilted leaves before arranging the bouquet. Make sure you wear a pair of gardening gloves when doing this for protection.
  • Use featherleaf fern as a backing for your hand-tied bouquet. It can also be used in traditional bouquets too.
  • Keep the bouquet moist and as cool as possible until it is ready to be used.


Modified from: eHow.com


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