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Wedding Flower Ideas – Unique Ways to Incorporate Flowers into Your Wedding

With such grim weather outside, wedding flowers and decorations play an even bigger part in your wedding. They will need to stand out against the gray autumn palette and create artificial sunshine for your special day. All of the leaves have gone off of the trees, and the grass is soon to be covered by snow.

Aside from the obvious flower arrangements for your wedding, like the centrepieces and the bouquets, you may want to amp up the florals now that your garden won't do that for you. The key is in the details, read on for some unexpected places to put our beautiful blooms.


HAIR A sure way to brighten up yourself and your bridesmaids is to add flowers into your hairdos. Whether you're putting your hair down, or going for a classic up-do, a few subtle blooms will complete your look, making you really vibrant. Choose flowers that will last all day, like carnations, daisies, spray roses, or even greeneries. This way you won't have to worry about your hair-do wilting. For an even more magical look, add babieth breath and rhinestones for a 'wonderland' look. If you're getting your hair done by a professional, seek additional advice from him or her and make sure that flowers in your hair are not a problem for them. Adding flowers into your locks is an extremely affordable way to look original, bright, and fresh.

TABLES Another sure way to brighten up your venue is to not limit yourself to just centrepieces. Here's a trick: pick a flower (preferably one with a lot of petals) from your centrepiece or bouquet - one that would keep with the theme of your wedding - and order some of that flower's petals. Scatter those petals around the tables, either without any specific pattern, or around the rims. Some brides go as far as making patterns on the tables with petals. This will tie in well with your theme, and surround your guests with a pleasant flower presence. You could also add candles in the same pattern for extra decoration. If petals are not your thing try putting a single flower, or a small flower arrangement on the plates, next to the cutlery, or in the napkins. This will create a look similar to the petals, but in a neater fashion.

CAKE The cake is the crowning glory of your meal, which can be easily decorated with flowers. Whether you're baking the cake yourself, or getting it professionally made this is a great option that adds festivity and originality. Check with your baker whether he or she does decoration with live flowers. Whether you want to use the same flowers as your centrepieces and bouquet, or something that just fits with the theme is up to you. The baker might have some personal preferences as well. If you're on a tight budget, remember that a cake could be decorated with petals as well, which are significantly cheaper than full blooms.

DECORATIONS There is an unlimited world of possibilities. You could decorate everything from your chairs to your shoes, most of it depends on your budget and time management. Just remember that the world is the limit, don't let your small flower budget stop you. With BunchesDirect you can afford more than you think.

Even following only a few of the above tips will turn your wedding into a floral wonderland. It will make you and your guests feel like you have stepped into the middle of summer despite the weather outside. With BunchesDirect you can make all of your floral fantasies come true and have a truly unforgettable wedding. Remember to always have fun!