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Bridezilla – How to lower stress and avoid becoming unbearable

Reduce Wedding Stress in Eight Easy Steps

Planning a wedding, although fun, can be difficult and stressful at times. Here are eight suggestions on how to reduce the stress that is often bridezilla associated with weddings, and therefore decrease your chances of turning into the infamous Bridezilla.

Don’t expect people to do things for you because you are the bride.
Nothing is more annoying than a bride who believes she is entitled to anything she wants when it comes to her wedding. In all likelihood, it isn’t going to happen. Watch for bargains to ensure you are able to get the majority of what you want: your “dream” dress, the perfect flowers, the proper reception hall, and the honeymoon you’ve fanaticized about. But if you aren’t able to get something you want, don’t get angry because you believe you deserve it. People get married every day, not everybody always has everything they’ve dreamed of.

Be able to take criticisms and comments from others.
People are going to want to offer their two cents when you are planning your wedding, especially if you have asked for their assistance in planning process. Don’t dismiss their thoughts because you think only you know what’s best; consider their suggestions, you never know what they might come up with.

Don’t talk about your wedding 24/7.
Of course you are excited when planning your big day and you probably want to share the news with everyone (except if you are Carrie Bradshaw and you keep forgetting you are engaged to Adian Shaw). But make sure you give yourself a breather, concentrate on other things as well. Make sure you have time for yourself, not always time for you and your wedding.

Let your wedding party be themselves.
Imagining a picture perfect wedding, where all the groomsmen are well-groomed and the bridesmaids are all the same height? It’s probably not going to happen. Let people be themselves that day, not carbon copies of one another. The people in your wedding party are your friends, you love them the way they are, don’t make them change for you.

Anticipate that things won’t go as planned.
After the hours you have spent planning your wedding you want everything to run smoothly, but weddings are part of life, they don’t result in the changing of the axis so that things magically follow through as planned. If you anticipate that some things may not go as planned, such as a flower girl suddenly falling ill, they won’t seem as dire to you, like they may if you don’t anticipate some hiccups throughout the day.

Embrace impulsiveness.
If you are anything like me, you like things to go according to plan and have a mini-meltdown when something falls apart. Well, on a day you are depending on so many others, something is bound to crumble. But, if you are anticipating this then it won’t seem nearly as tragic. For example, if your photographer doesn’t show, don’t panic – instead get a bunch of disposable cameras and have your guests and wedding party take pictures of your big day. It will be much more personal, seeing the genuine smiles captured on camera, then the posed portraits from a photographer.

Let your hubby-to-be in.
Don’t forget it is as much your fiancés day, as it is yours – therefore, let him have some input into your big day. This could be anything from having him plan one whole section of the wedding, to having him there for you to vent to when something stresses you out during the planning stage. Communication is important during this stressful time.

Focus on your marriage rather than the wedding.
Don’t get caught up in the idea of a picture perfect wedding, remember what this day is all about; it’s joining you and the man you love together as man and wife. You are both making a lifelong commitment to one another and that is much more important than one day.