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Classic Blue Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet


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Wedding Theme Ideas – Plan and Enchanting Floral Celebration

When you think of weddings one of the first things to pop into your mind is probably flowers. Weddings and flowers seem to go hand-in-hand; this makes a floral themed wedding a perfect idea for your special day. However, with thousands of varieties to choose from, which flower do you pick to base your theme around? From vibrant colours, to variegated varieties; from fragrant blossoms to interesting shapes; from the rarest flowers to the most common choices; selecting the one that is for you can be tricky. You need to take your personal preference and personality into account when making this decision. Potentially, you could use any type of flower for your theme, but you will soon realize that some flowers are more reminiscent of weddings than others. So you need to keep these things in mind when you are debating which flower to select. Here are some of the more popular wedding choices:

· Rose

· Daisy

· Tulip

· Hydrangea

· Daffodil

· Orchid

· Stephanotis

· Calla Lily

· Lily of the Valley

· Pansy

· Gardenia

· Peony

· Sweet Pea

· Iris

· Magnolia


Once you have made your decision about which flower you want for your wedding theme, you can begin planning your colour coordination using your bloom of choice. You can decide on the related decorations, cake design, bridal attire, centerpieces, and favours that compliment the flower.

Some examples of floral wedding themes include:

Tulip Wedding Theme
As spring bursts forth, so do the multitude of colourful tulips. A tulip wedding idea is an inspiring flower themed wedding because it brings a joy and freshness to the ceremony; it celebrates two lives beginning anew as one. Nothing is quite as beautiful as that.

Wedding Colours to Use: If you select a tulip themed wedding use white and green as your primary colours, and red, pink, yellow, and orange pastels as your accent colours. It creates a fresh, spring-like atmosphere.

Decorating for the Ceremony & Reception:
You can make pew marker bows from white and green chiffon ribbon. Secure a miniature bouquet of silk tulips to the front of the bow. Simple and elegant! Or try making centerpieces for your tables; this is quite easy. Place a bouquet of tulips in a large clear vase at each table. Then tie raffia ribbon and bow around each vase. Another idea is to decorate the back of each chair with a large white and green silk or chiffon bow. You can add either a fresh, or silk, bouquet of tulips to the centre of each bow too.

These are just some suggestions for a tulip themed wedding.

daffodil bouquetDaffodil Wedding Theme
Choose a daffodil wedding theme if you want to highlight the blossoming you and your partner are about to experience in your new life together. Bright, fresh, and simply delightful, daffodils herald the beginning of a new season.

Wedding Colours to Use: Daffodils are a beautiful flower due to their stunning colouring. The centre portion of this flower contains a trumpet-shaped corona surrounded by a ring of 6 larger petals. The most popular daffodils that are commonly seen are white, bright yellow, and peach. Some daffodils are grown in solid colours, while others are grown in combination, such as a yellow centre with white outer petals.

Decorating for the Ceremony & Reception:
Try decorating white wooden napkin rings, for example, with painted or stamped daffodils. Slip a yellow or peach coloured cloth napkin through the ring. As well, use potted daffodils as your table centerpieces – the best idea is to let guests take them home as thank you gifts at the end of the evening.

Rainbow and Rose Wedding Theme
The rose theme wedding idea pairs the vibrant fragrances and colours of roses with the beautiful colours of the rainbow for the casual, yet unique celebration. Roses are a very popular choice due to their array of beautiful colours and fragrance. Depending upon the roses that you choose, they can either give your wedding a formal or an informal tone (See ‘Roses: Colour Meaning and Symbolism’ for more information about rose choices).

Decorating for the Ceremony & Reception: The possibilities are endless when you use roses as your wedding flower of choice. You can match your theme with balloon bouquets in addition to rose bouquets. You can put together a rainbow of balloon colours for each bouquet or use balloons imprinted with roses. Also try to have an arbor at your wedding with artificial climbing rose vines. You can use this arbor at the reception hall too to place over the gift or cake table (plus it makes for a great photo opt). On your reception tables, sprinkle rose confetti to add a romantic touch. You could also sprinkle some in your invitations to introduce your theme early to your guests.

Daisy Wedding Theme
Sunny daisies are a large indicator of summer and there is no better theme for a summer wedding than a daisy theme. New growth, fresh air, and gentle warm sunshine; these are just some of the thoughts that come to mind when you think of daises.

There are a variety of daisies to choose from when it comes to selecting your wedding flower. 
African Daisy – Approximately 18’’ high, found in yellow, orange, red, crimson, cream, and purple.
Dalhberg Daisy – Approximately 1’’ in diameter, always yellow in colour.
English Daisy – Can be found in shades of pink, white, or purple.
Gerbera Daisy – Anywhere from 12’’ to 18’’ high, in shades of yellow, orange, and red. Click
here to learn how to make your own Gerbera Daisy Bouquet.
Glorlosa Daisy – This daisy is commonly known as a Blackeyed Susan. It is yellow with either a black or brown centre.
Painted Daisy – Approximately 18’’ high with tricolor blooms available in a wide combination of colours.
Shasta Daisy – Approximately 12’’-36’’ high, found in white with a yellow centre.
Swan River Daisy – Found in shades of white, blue, and pink.
Wild Daisy – These are the traditional daisy; white with a yellow centre.