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Classic Blue Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet
Classic Blue Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet


Bi-Color (Pink/Cream) Rose Petals
Bi-Color (Pink/Cream) Rose Petals


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Bridal Bouquets – Floral Alternatives

Are you not quite sure what to do? Allergic to flowers, but believe it is expected of you to carry them down the aisle on your wedding day? There are alternatives to the traditional bridal bouquet.

Paper flower bouquet

If you have read “Floral Customs and Traditions of the World” you will recall that traditionally women used to carry aromatic bunches of herbs, garlic, and grain down the aisle when they got married instead of flowers to drive away evil spirits. Over time, women shifted from carrying these items to flowers instead – flowers had come to represent fertility, which was important in a marriage for child-bearing purposes, as well as everlasting love (obviously something that is important in any marriage).

Non-Floral Ideas: If you want something other than a bouquet of flowers, you can always opt for a bouquet of greenery, or herbs. You can try using ferns, ivy, fall leaves, or winter berries, depending on when you are getting married. If you don’t feel like carrying garlic down the aisle, and sticking with very early tradition, there are other options.

Flower-Look Alikes: If you like fresh flowers, but unfortunately have allergies to them, you can opt to use alternative floral bouquets on your wedding day.
1. Silk Flowers – There are some silk flowers that look like a mirror image to real ones, while there are other ones that look plastic. Avoid the plastic looking ones if you want to create the illusion of real flowers at your wedding. A perk of using silk flowers for your wedding is the opportunity to purchase them well in advance of your wedding date, so that you have them on time, plus you can keep them afterwards to remember your special day (of course you can keep real flowers too if you dry them correctly, but keeping fake flowers is easier and less time consuming).
2. Porcelain Flowers – Beautiful porcelain flowers, although extremely fragile, will create a stunning visual while you walk down the aisle. It definitely adds an element of class to your wedding day that regular flowers are unable to do, but it is a costly alternative. Not recommended for the self-proclaimed klutzes.
3. Paper Flowers – Feeling crafty? You can make (or purchase) floral bouquets made from coloured tissue paper or origami paper. This option is fun, economical, and even an elegant alternative.

seashell bouquet

Unique Bouquets: Do you want to be very original at your wedding? Do you want a bouquet that contains no flowers whatsoever (well, we are a bit sad, but it’s your special day, so have the day you want!) – consider these options.
1. Candy Bouquets – Have a sweet tooth? Why not walk down the aisle to your sweetie carrying a super sweet bouquet?
2. Crystal Bouquets – Like the porcelain flower bouquets, crystal bouquets are extremely fragile and not the most cost-friendly option if you are looking to save money on your wedding. If you are having a very elegant and regal wedding, look online at Swarovski; they offer crystal bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. Again, this idea is not recommended for the self-proclaimed klutzes.
3. Fabric or Ribbon Bouquets – This is a project for a crafty bride, although fabric and ribbon bouquets are available for purchase online too.
4. Seashell Bouquet – Ideally, a seashell bouquet is perfect for a beach bride. Some of these bouquets are made of fabric or silk and have seashell accents, while other are made entirely of seashells. This is certainly a unique idea for a summer beach wedding.

Another option is to carry a book or Bible down the aisle. Or you could carry a candle if it is carefully enclosed to avoid a fire. You could even incorporate this candle into the lighting of the unity candle if you are having one at your ceremony. Other objects that you could use in place of a floral bouquet are: rosaries, pictures, or family heirlooms – all of these items will make a special symbol at your ceremony. As long as it is meaningful to you, then you can carry whatever you like down the aisle.

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