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Classic Blue Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet


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DIY Wedding Flowers – How to make your Flower Girls Bouquet

Are you having a flower girl in your wedding? Would you rather break with tradition and not have her carry a basket of petals to drop at your feet? Why not make her feel like a mini-member of the bridal party by letting her carry a bouquet down the aisle too. It is easy to make your own rose bouquet for the flower girl who isflower girl apart of your special day.

Step 1: Instead of using large roses, make her a miniature bouquet, using miniature roses or rosebuds. The number of flowers you will need will depend on the desired bouquet size and the size of the flowers you select.

Step 2: Use flowers that coordinate with the colour scheme of your wedding, as well as the bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets. All you simply need to do is make the flower girls bouquet a simpler, smaller version.

Step 3: Purchase a bouquet holder in order to complete the bouquet; it is important to purchase a bouquet holder that is filled with foam, this way the flowers will be securely in place. To place the flowers in the bouquet you first need to place the bouquet holder upside down on the surface of a large bowl of water. While holding the handle you want to let the holder gradually become submerged into the water, soaking the foam. Once the foam is saturated, remove the holder from the water and dry the exterior. You can then begin to place the flowers, greenery, and filler items at the bottom of the holder and work your way up the holder. Before you stick the flowers into the holder, however, hold each flower and stemmed piece up to the arrangement before you cut the stem. Determine how long you want the stem to be, then cut the stem 1 ½ to 2 inches above your preference (the extra length is so you are able to adequately secure the stem into the flower foam).

Step 4: To finish tie one large bow at the top of the bouquet holder’s handle, or tie several lengths of narrow ribbon to create ribbon streamers. Try using 1- or 2-inch wide silk or satin ribbon for the bow and ¼ inch ribbon for the streamers. Affix the ribbons with a bit of glue.

Want to try something different? Instead of using a bouquet holder would you rather have a hand-tied bouquet for your flower girl instead? Hand-tied bouquets can be as elaborate or as simple as you like.

Step 1: Lay the roses, along with the greenery or other filler items, such as baby’s breath, on a flat work surface. Position the roses close together, so that their arrangement is symmetrical and the roses are all visible.

Step 2: Using green floral tape or florist wire, tie the stems together. Tie them below the bottom-most rose in the arrangement. If some stems are not long enough to be secured by the tape or wire, affix the stem to another stem that is higher in the arrangement. This can also help keep the bouquet held tightly together.

Step 3: Trim the stems so that they remain at least 5 inches long and tie a silk or satin bow at the bottom of the bouquet. Use 1- or 2-inch wide ribbon that coordinates with the wedding colours.

Step 4: Use pearl sprays, lace trim, and other decorative pieces in conjunction with the bow or in the bouquet. This adds a nice, classic feel to the bouquet.

And there you have it – two unique ideas to break tradition and make your flower girl feel like a miniature member of your bridal party!

Things You’ll Need for Either Bouquet:

  • 1- to 2-inch wide silk or satin ribbons
  • ¼ inch wide silk or satin ribbon
  • Flat work surface
  • Florist wires
  • Lace trims
  • Pearl sprays
  • Baby’s breath
  • Fresh flowers and greenery
  • Gardening gloves
  • Glue
  • Green floral tape
  • Kitchen utility knives
  • Scissors

Tips & Warnings:

  • Make sure you order your flowers in advance of the wedding date – make the bouquets the day before the wedding in order to ensure the flowers are at their freshest for your wedding.
  • Look for bouquet holders at floral supply and craft stores. Choose holders that come with a floral foam insert.
  • Remove any thorns or wilted leaves before arranging the bouquet. Make sure you wear a pair of gardening gloves when doing this for protection.
  • Use featherleaf fern as a backing for your hand-tied bouquet. It can also be used in traditional bouquets too.
  • Keep the bouquet moist and as cool as possible until it is ready to be used.


Modified from: eHow.com