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Classic Blue Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet
Classic Blue Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet


Sunflowers (Medium)
Sunflowers (Medium)


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DIY Wedding Flowers - Made Easy


Flowers prices can be intimidating, but so can making making your own flowers. Seeing gorgeous pictures of complex bouquets could certainly put you off the idea, but there's no need to get scared by the complexity. You can get almost any look your want, and you can do it with your own two hands!

Making your own flowers is a much cheaper alternative to a florist, and even if you're unsure of your bouquet-gathering skills, things like centrepieces and boutonnieres are simple enough to do on your own. With an infinite amount of resources available, and limited budgets, many modern brides are turning to the DIY alternative.


Benefits of DIY flowers:

1. Wow-factor. Imagine the look on their faces when after endless compliments of your gorgeous arrangements you say "Thanks, I made them all". You will be a Super-girl!

2. Reliability. There are a few florist horror-stories which you can avoid by both ordering with Bunches Direct and making your own flowers. You will know that the flowers will be there, on time, and look exactly how you want them too. There is no second-guessing or last minute order problems. You can definitely rely on www.bunchesdirect.com and yourself.

3. The Look. You alone know best exactly what you're looking for. If you're making your own flowers, you know and will include all of the small details you want, and add or subtract anything you think doesn't look as good. You are your own designer!


DIY Advice

1. Get Educated. Whether you know what you're doing or are new to the process, it's always helpful to load up on information. Look up the flowers you want and their care instructions, as well as how-tos on making bouquets, boutonnieres, and centrepieces. Sometimes it might be helpful to cross-reference your resources just to make sure you have everything right.

2. Plan. Know what you're doing ahead of time. Plan the flowers and colors that you're going to be using, make sure you have your supplies, and know how to make the arrangements. Always order extra flowers and extra supplies in case of mistakes.

3. Practice. If you grow flowers in your own garden, or have the chance to pick some up from a friend, it might be useful to practice making the arrangements before composing your own. That way you would already have the technique down and don't have to worry about making mistakes. Plus, it's a great way to decorate your home!

4. Storage. Once you receive and make the flowers, make sure you take care of them. For full care instructions click here.

There are also many other online resources to help you with the process, including our own inspiration section where almost any bride could find something to replicate or personalize.

Unsure of what kinds of flowers you need or working on a strict budget? Ask one of our Bunches Direct flower experts. They can help you pick up the right colours and flowers for your own project.

When tackling a DIY flower project, remember that there are lots of resources available, from youtube, to our own Bunches Direct experts. You will be supported every step of the way to your own perfect wedding.