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Wedding Budget – How to Save on Your Wedding Costs

The cost of weddings is on the rise. The average American wedding costs approximately $27,000; don’t panic! The first thing you need to do is create your wedding budget. Although sticking to your budget is even more important once you have established it. There may be some instances where an item goes over budget, but this should be an exception, not the rule. If you find you are going over budget on an item, then try to redistribute your funds in other areas of the budget to balance it back to your original total. This may seem extreme, and even a bit obsessive, but it is important to maintain control of your budget before things become unmanageable (and out of your price range). You do not want to end up with significant debt after your wedding.

Usually when planning your wedding you have others who are helping you foot some of the bills – parents, relatives, siblings, or friends. It is important for everyone to be involved in the budgeting; having an open conversation will allow everyone to voice their opinions and concerns before purchases are made and binding contracts are signed. This step is important because it makes everyone aware of the budgetary restrictions so they understand the ramifications of overspending on one aspect of the wedding.

Once the budget has been discussed and a consensus has been reached regarding the amount of money available you can start assigning percentages to each portion of the budget. This may include, but is not limited to: the food at the reception, the food at the cocktail hour, the cocktails at cocktail hour, centerpieces for the reception, flowers at the ceremony, transportation for the bridal party, the bride and grooms’ wedding attire, flowers for the bridal party, a photographer, and a DJ or band. For example, you may decide you are going to spend 35% of your budget on food and a much smaller percentage on centerpieces for the reception.

When you are creating your budget make sure to prioritize. Figure out which elements of the budget will be the items to receive the largest percentages of funding. The bride and the groom should pick the two most important things to them about their day and from there create the most important elements. For example, the bride’s most important things for the wedding may be her dress and the flowers, while the groom may believe the most important things for the wedding are the music and the food – from that you can figure out where to spend your money and where to pinch your pennies. Understanding the priorities of the couple will help everyone involved with the wedding planning to see which items they should plan on splurging on and which items they might want to comparison shop for in order to find an inexpensive alternative.

Before you begin buying, ordering or booking anything though you should put your budget aside for a few days and begin shopping around – simply finding out prices, comparison shopping. After a few days, everyone can meet again to review the budget. This gives everyone a few days to think about what they have decided on based on the pricing they have found and determine if the budget is feasible or needs to be modified. During this time you may discover that you have underestimated or overestimated on one or more areas of your budget – you will be able to make modifications before having purchased anything.

The importance of establishing a budget for a wedding cannot be underestimated. If you fail to set a budget or do not adhere to it you may find yourself in serious financial trouble. The Knot proposed a $10K wedding budget – couples from across the USA were able to successfully adhere to their budget, and all of them actually spent less than the $10,000. In New York City, weddings average around $50,000, but this bride and groom were able to plan a beautiful Central Park wedding for $9,726.38 (taxes included). Read these success stories for more tips and check out the 30 Ways to $ave Big for Your Wedding.


Source: Just Weddings